Indena revamps website, embraces social media

Indena revamps website, embraces social media

Indena redesigns its web communication channels and exploits the potential of the web 2.0 to improve customer and other stakeholder relations. 

Indena,  the world's leading company dedicated to the identification, development and production of active principles derived from plants, has always combined the ability to merge tradition with innovation and the latest technologies. Time has come now for Indena to redesign its web communication channels and exploit the potential of the web 2.0 to improve customers and other stakeholders relations.   

Since its creation in 1996, has provided an important shop window for the company and a way of making contact with new potential customers or partners. Today, thanks to a redesign, is more than ever the gateway to that world of innovation and passion which for almost a century Indena has made its own.

To cope with the increasing wealth of online information and keep pace with the advances in technology and communication techniques, the site has been revamped both in form and substance. It now includes a new fast and responsive search engine, single click access to all the main sectors of activity (pharmaceutical, health-food, cosmetics and partnership). The new design features bigger pictures, clearer simpler fonts, universally recognized icons and allows content-sharing across social networks.

From the website home page it will be possible to navigate directly to the company’s YouTube channel, the official Flickr account as well as to the Indena LinkedIn profile.

The YouTube channel will be the repository of all video materials including shooting from trade shows and congresses, interviews with the management or R&D representatives and ad-hoc created videos to explain the science behind Indena activities.

On the Flickr account it will be possible to find beautiful images of plants and flowers of the natural kingdom used for the production of Indena’s ingredients, essential elements of its daily work.  

Finally, the company solid presence on LinkedIn is a great way for improving B2B relations and for clients, partners and scientists to follow Indena latest updates.

According to Christian Artaria, Marketing Director & Head of Functional Food Development, “new technologies represent a big opportunity for a global company like Indena to be interactive for prospect clients, researchers and journalists around the world. The way we distribute contents and work in the marketplace has lately been affected by new forms of communication we now must take into account and integrate within our communication, marketing and business strategies, without neglecting the scientific communication, that has always been the true differentiator of Indena.”


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