Indena's Cosmetic Fluid Extract Lines to Move to Greentech

Milan, January 16th, 2005 --The Italian Group Indena, world leader in the identification, development and production of active principles derived from plants, has disclosed today a preliminary agreement to transfer its cosmetic fluid extract lines, including the well known brands PHYTELENES® and COSMELENE® to the French phytocosmetic specialists Greentech S.A..

The deal follows on from Indena’s decision to focus its cosmetic sector resources on the development of highly purified active principles and on standardized dry extracts. These may be either for topical or oral use and are fruit of Indena research work often in collaboration with leading cosmetic companies.

The agreement allows Greentech S.A., which has long been operating in the extract and active ingredients markets, to pursue further development, enrich its product range, and to create and strengthen partnerships both in France and elsewhere. A new purpose-built production facility is under construction.

Later in the year, Indena and Greentech S.A. will be taking part in two of the most important international sector trade fairs, In–Cosmetics and Ingredients Beyond Beauty. These will take place respectively in Barcelona (April 4th – 6th) and in Paris (September 11th – 13th).

The final agreement will be signed by February 15th, 2006.

For further information:

Contacts at Indena:
- Jean Marc Laquière - Indena France S.A. , [email protected]
- Christian Artaria - Indena S.p.A., [email protected]

Contacts at Greentech S.A.:
- Jean-Yves Berthon - Greentech S.A., [email protected]
- Véronique Jay-Debaut - Greentech S.A., [email protected]

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