Industry Leader Introduces New Controlled Release Softgel Technology at the AAPS Show

High Point , NC Banner Pharmacaps, a leading global innovator of drug delivery technology and proprietary health care products, will attend the 2003 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition in Salt Lake City, Utah from October 26-30 to present its new controlled-release softgel technology for pharmaceutical applications.

Pharmaceutical companies can now use softgels, widely used for immediate-release products, for controlled-release drug delivery. Using Banner’s proprietary, patent-pending technology, this new controlled-release technology uses a standard softgel shell, combined with lipid assisted drug delivery, to enhance the absorption of poorly soluble compounds. The result is a more predictable release profile than from tablets or microencapsulation.

Controlled-release softgels combine all the benefits of softgel dosage forms. Studies confirm that consumers prefer softgels verses tablets due to the absence of taste, odor-masking benefits, and ease of swallowing. These attributes may increase patient compliance and repeat purchase.

Controlled-release further expands Banner’s product offering. In the last year, Banner has announced several new drug delivery technologies including clear, uncoated enteric softgels, a non-animal alternative for gelatin, and chewable gels. These technologies will also be showcased at AAPS (booth #1911). In addition, R&D scientists will be presenting some of the company’s leading research during the scheduled poster sessions.

Banner is a global company that researches, develops, and manufactures drug delivery technologies and proprietary health care products. With state-of-the-art, FDA-approved manufacturing facilities and significant investment in research and development, Banner provides innovative oral delivery solutions and unique products to the health care industry worldwide. A wholly owned subsidiary of Sobel N.V., Banner has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

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