Industry Leaders Scrutinize Hoodia Products

Paramus, NJ - With the increased popularity of Products containing Hoodia Gordonii, it has become apparent that many brands may not contain authentic South African Hoodia. In an attempt to increase public awareness, protect the valididity of Hoodia Gordonii’s documented efficacy, and to create a measurable way for consumers to evaluate Hoodia products: Dr. Stephen Holt of Holt MD Labs’ has engaged Stella Labs to define purity standards. Stella Labs has contracted three additional independent labs to corroborate the bio-active molecule findings first reported by IBC Labs testing of Stella Labs bulk South African Hoodia Gordonii material.

Stephen Holt of Holt MD Labs commented “Stella Labs and Holt MD Labs are actively researching Hoodia Gordonii, it has become apparent that many brands may not contain authentic South African Hoodia. Stella Labs and Holt MD Labs are actively researching reported differences in Hoodia testing between laboratories and have already submitted replicate samples to different testing laboratories that dispute each others chemical methodology.”

The research group at Stella Labs has been very concerned about the testing protocols being applied by various laboratories. Some Labs maintain that their test methodology and standards are proprietary and do not provide quantitative results, calling into question the results being reported by these labs. “It is important to apply science when defining a standard” says Dr. Holt. A validated reference standard needs to be defined, a proven test methodology needs to be applied and measurable quantitative results need to be disclosed. All of the Labs contracted by Stella Labs will apply the same documented test methodology and provide specific quantitative results.

Richard Porter, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Nature’s Benefit Inc. stated “consumers should avoid purchasing Hoodia products that do not have authentic certification of their origin. At Nature’s Benefit, our supply from Stella Labs is consistently tested for its content of potentially biologically active molecules.” This test will now be corroborated by multiple labs and could prove to be the only true standard to authenticate bulk South African Hoodia Gordonii in the industry.

V. Craig Payton, Managing Director of Stella Labs cautions “there are many inferior brands of Hoodia on the market today, but there is a solid group of committed scientists in the industry that wish to provide purity, quality, and biological activity in Hoodia material grown and manufactured under strict quality control regulations in South Africa. Dr. Holt an icon in the industry is spearheading our quest for scientific excellence.” Payton said that he was shocked and saddened upon testing bulk material from many alleged Hoodia suppliers that uncovered bulk Hoodia material which was clearly adulterated; some was not Hoodia at all, others were being mixed with cellulose, saw dust, senna leaves, and Nopal cactus. This has presented a challenge to all manufacturers to authenticate the source of the Hoodia in their products.

Kimberle Andersen, General Manager for Natures’ Benefit Inc. stated “many consumers are reading misleading information on the internet and we have had to set up a separate education customer care line that advises people about fake Hoodia products. Nature’s Benefit Inc. has made a significant attempt to educate consumers in a manner not shared by other dietary supplement companies.”

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