Industry signposts: hints of things to come

Safe as milk
Four partners from government and private industry recently formed the National Dairy Research Program to conduct research on developing milk components as nutritional ingredients, bioprocessing of dairy to produce health and functional products, and ensuring dairy food safety. Among the group's area of focus is "enhancing the functions of probiotic cultures in dairy foods and dairy bio-actives in functional foods."


Functional growing fast
The global functional-foods market will be worth about $220 billion by 2012 — a 25 per cent jump over 2007 levels, and functional foods are the fastest-growing sector, second in value to naturally healthy foods, according to Euromonitor International data.

Food-colour rule flops
The first attempt in the United States to eliminate or require warning labels about certain food colouring linked to hyperactivity and behavioural problems — two bills introduced in the Maryland state legislature by Senator Norman Stone (D-Baltimore County) — died in committee in February.

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