Industry Signposts: hints of things to come

Quality control in focus
"Several forces are converging simultaneously that should lead to improved supplements product quality:

  • Concerns over domestic food safety and imported raw materials
  • negative PR (justified or not) around failure to meet label claim for a select few products
  • the GMP final rule.

All have heightened consumer and government awareness about the importance of supply-chain control and quality manufacturing."

— Andrew Shao, PhD, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition

The future of omega-3s
"The most pressing issue for the 21st century is nutrition, with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders all linked to diet. In that aspect, omega-3s will play a major role."

— Omega-3 pioneer Dr Jörn Dyerberg, to

Future of gluten free
"It is not just gluten intolerance that is on the rise — it is people being less willing to tolerate the effects of gluten — the bloating and other side effects. So crops such as salba and corn can only become more popular as people turn away from oats, rye, wheat and barley."

— Oklahoma-based naturopathic doctor, Sherrill Sillman, PhD

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