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Industry signposts - hints of things to come

<p><span class="subheadline"><strong>Vitamin co-pay?</strong></span><br> "The legislation would allow or encourage doctors to incorporate alternative health providers in some treatment plans. It also includes language that some believe could require insurance companies to expand their coverage for alternative therapies, which in some states could include massage therapy, naturopathy or other treatments."</p> <p align="right">&#8212;<em>Chicago Tribune</em> on the new health bill legislation</p> <p><span class="subheadline"><strong>Death may occur</strong></span><br> More than four in 10 (41 per cent) US consumers pay little or no attention to risk information presented by pharmaceutical companies in their TV commercials, and only half pay attention to such disclosures in print ads.</p> <p align="right">&#8212;ORC Guideline</p> <p><span class="subheadline"><strong>Colour my world</strong></span><br> "Scientists in the growing field of nutritional immunology are unveiling new evidence of the complex role that nutrition plays in fighting infectious diseases like influenza. A diet rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, found in colorful fruits and vegetables, and zinc, found in seafood, nuts and whole grains, can provide the critical fuel the body needs to fight off disease, heal injuries, and survive illness when it does strike."</p> <p align="right">&#8212;<em>WSJ</em>, The flu fighters in the your food</p>

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