Industry signposts: hints of things to come

Online appeals
A report, commissioned by the Berkeley Media Studies Group, California, urges lawmakers to restrict junk-food advertising to kids online, having found that methods such as advertising food through social networks have become particularly popular during the past two years.

New world
"This is a historic event where, for the first time, China is investing directly in agricultural research in Canada to advance a crop important to both countries."

— Roman Szumski, VP, life sciences, National Research Council Canada, on the Chinese Oil Crops Research Institute's $300,000 contribution toward genetic research to increase canola-oil yields.

Economics vs. health
"If we claim we want to do prevention because we don't want people to have a particular disease, that's fine. But if we claim we're doing it because it saves money, that's not always being honest."

— Joshua Cohen, health-policy researcher at Tufts Medical Center

Value vs. cost
"We have to be careful with 'cheaper.' The cheapest thing might be do nothing and let the person die. The goal is not to save money — it's to improve health and get the best value from our spending."

— Peter Neumann, Tufts Medical Center

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