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Industry Veteran and New PlusPharma Chairman to Focus on Exceptional Opportunity With Omega-3 Subsidiary

VISTA, Calif., Aug 3, 2004 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Food and beverage industry veteran Brian Dyson has been elected Chairman of the Board of PlusPharma, a value-added provider of ingredients for health and nutrition products. Dyson spent over 35 years with The Coca-Cola Company and its system, most recently as Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer.

"I've had a lifelong interest in personal health and well being, so the opportunity to be associated with PlusPharma and its unique products is true fulfillment," Dyson noted. "We intend to offer the finest products and to continue sponsoring the clinical research to constantly improve our offerings."

His expanded role with PlusPharma comes at its consumer products subsidiary, The Coromega Company, is set to commence a number of strategic initiatives. Coromega(TM) brand Omega-3 dietary supplement is a leading natural source of essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) derived from pharmaceutical-grade fish oil and provided in a unique delivery system with significant advantages.

"We believe everyone in America should consider Coromega or a comparable product. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient, and all of us in the industry have the opportunity to spread the word on Omega-3," stated Dyson. "It is an important issue of national health and wellness, and we are all obligated to provide the highest quality and purity in our products. This is a category with literally decades of clinical support and incredible growth potential."

Among the dynamic initiatives underway at Coromega are the completion of a new production facility and planned expansion of the company's product line into new market segments. In addition, the company is sponsoring clinical research at major U.S. universities and the Mayo Clinic.

"Coromega has experienced strong growth in sales, which has resulted in the need for us to increase production and focus on our growth potential," said Bill Roberts, President of PlusPharma. "With senior management of Brian's caliber on board, PlusPharma and Coromega are positioned for a strong move in the marketplace."

Dyson has been a PlusPharma investor and Board member since early 2000. He is currently president of Chatham International Corporation, a private international business consulting and investment firm.

Omega-3 fatty acids are recognized for their cardiovascular, arthritis, joint, neonatal, skin, immune system and neural benefits. Coromega is a proprietary emulsified form of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, protected and stabilized with vitamins C and E. The unique Coromega delivery system offers superior bioavailability (twice that of capsule form) in a single-serving package to ensure purity and freshness, fueling the supplement's popularity. In addition to its purity, Coromega is user-friendly with a delicious, creamy-orange, "pudding-like" taste that is ideal for all consumers. The Coromega formulation and packaging as well as the product's molecular distillation and filtration processes are patented worldwide.

For more information on the Coromega Omega-3 fatty acids dietary supplement, call 877-275-3752 and visit

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