Industry veterans launch I AM liquid nutrition

As the first-to-market line of condition specific, sugar-free, gluten free and naturally sweetened liquid nutritional supplements, I AM enlightened nutrition is benefit driven liquid nutrition and is revolutionizing the supplement category.

According to The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) in its annual survey commissioned to gauge the health of the supplements market, 65% of Americans take dietary supplements to improve their overall well being. As the first-to-market line of condition specific, sugar-free, gluten free and naturally sweetened liquid nutritional supplements, I AM enlightened nutrition ( is revolutionizing the supplement category. I AM is benefit driven liquid nutrition. Each product in the I AM line is individually packaged in 2.5 oz single dose servings, making for convenient liquid health on-the go.

"31% of all consumers can't swallow pills or capsules and nearly half of all US adults use condition specific supplements," notes Andrew Jacobson, Co-Founder I AM enlightened nutrition. "Our unique delivery system establishes a new category of on-the-go supplements while effectively targeting health conditions naturally. We combine the power of positive intent with the benefits of nature and the science of nutrition to address the challenges of everyday life. Our great tasting formulas are designed to help people feel, look and live better."

Why Liquid Nutrition?

Not only are liquid supplements easier to swallow than pills and tablets, they are proven to be gentler on the stomach, more easily absorbed by the body and fast acting. I AM offers a portable, easy-to-use, quick and effective solution to support daily nutritional needs. Each dose works in just 20 minutes to help you feel, look and live better.

"We live in an immediate age where everything is 'now', and so often we forget to take a moment for ourselves," says co-founder, I AM enlightened nutrition, Eric Schnell. "We created the I AM brand with that intention as our guiding principle—to encourage individuals to take an I AM moment and let our fast acting formulas assist in reaching their personal best. Our goal is to source only the highest quality ingredients, backed by clinical data and centuries of safe use, with a focus on a positive mind-body experience in all products we offer."

The I AM line includes 4 formulations to start:

I AM HEALTHY: helps support immune function and strengthens the body's natural defense system with essential vitamins and minerals combined with an antioxidant blend of organic goji berry, hibiscus, and Beta-1 3/1, 6 Glucan.

I AM ENERGIZED: helps to increase natural energy levels and sharpen mental focus by using an expertly formulated botanical blend of yerba mate, black tea and natural coffee extract to increase energy.

I AM SLEEPY: helps promote healthy and proper sleep, and aids in falling and staying asleep, by using a blend of all natural herbs and activated with Melatonin.

I AM HAPPY: helps people reach a calm, relaxed state of mind through the use of natural botanicals, amino acids and the key ingredient, Sensoril(R), a patented standardized extract of the ashwagandha plant, grown in India and revered for its ability to improve mood and overall well-being.

All products are gluten free, sugar free and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors

Former Natural and Personal Care Group President of Hain Celestial & CEO Cyanotech Inc., Andrew Jacobson partners with Steaz Founder, Eric Schnell to launch I AM enlightened nutrition—the next generation of liquid supplements. Jacobson and Schnell are proud to launch I AM enlightened nutrition and leverage their extensive experience and professional relationships to bring a wide variety of I AM formulations to market. Their approach is simple: helping people feel their best every day authentically, ethically and passionately. I AM enlightened nutrition is a certified B Corporation ( demonstrating I AM's dedication to the power of business to solve social and environmental problems while creating great products.

About I AM enlightened nutrition(R)

Founded by natural product veterans Eric Schell and Andrew Jacobson, I AM is the next generation of liquid supplements, blended with ethically wild crafted botanicals, vitamins and proprietary patented ingredients and comes in a convenient, single dose bottle. Formulated by a master herbalist and naturopathic doctor, I AM addresses four common concerns with four unique liquid supplements: I AM HEALTHY, I AM HAPPY, I AM SLEEPY and I AM ENERGIZED. For further information, please contact Ana Karina Nunez of Christie Communications at 805-969-3744 or [email protected] or

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