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INFRA endorses Prop 37

INFRA endorses Prop 37
Independent Natural Food Retailers Association feels it is very important at this time and with this specific issue for it to leverage its voice as an association.

INFRA’s board of directors passed a motion Sept. 11 to endorse Proposition 37 for the membership. The board’s letter states:

The issue of GMOs in our food is one of the most important concerns we are facing today in our food industry. The board took careful consideration of our members’ varying positions and determined that this proposition is a very important step in the work that we have all been doing to push for labeling at the national level.

We feel that it is very important at this time and with this specific issue for us to leverage our voice as an association. The proposition is focused on labeling and the consumer’s right to know what is in their food. The Just Label It campaign is endorsing Prop 37 for the same reason; the passing of this ballot on a state level is the best chance to move forward on getting consumers’ voices heard. Along with the majority of our members, many of our strong manufacturers are supporting this proposition. Organic Valley, Lundberg Farms, Earth Balance, Udi’s, Clif Bar and Amy’s, to name a few, are all contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the campaign.

At the same time, many of the companies that are contributing to the opposition of Prop 37 are parent companies of organic brands that we carry in our stores. INFRA will continue to work with these industry brands as we feel it is important to provide consumers with as many organic choices as possible. We also believe that removing these brands from our shelves hurts organic farmers more than the parent companies that such actions target. We support educating consumers and allowing them to make their choices accordingly.
The issue is complex, and is only part of the work that we will continue to support. We will continue to support and promote the Non-GMO Project, the Just Label It campaign, and other work that is being done to raise awareness of GMOs in our foods.

Stephanie Wong, COO of Real Food Company in San Francisco, praised the board’s action.

“At Real Food Company, we will focus on non-GMO and Right to Know in our October marketing and we will participate in the 5% Non-GMO Project Day. We have a great opportunity to educate our customers, and will take advantage of that opportunity.

All of the support that we have today to go the extra mile has been developed and fostered by those who stepped out first and paved the way. We are so much more confident in making the changes that we are making today thanks to the support and encouragement of our INFRA peers. There is still so much to do, but I just want to share how grateful we are at Real Food Company for INFRA!”

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