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Ingredients industry chatter - July/August 2010

Go nuts, young man
"(Nuts) are the richest source of protein in the plant kingdom, and they also contain fibre and phytosterols, which compete with cholesterol to be absorbed. All these nutrients have been demonstrated to lower cholesterol."

—Dr Joan Sabaté Nutrition professor at the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University in California

Older and wiser
"FDA GMP investigators tend to be well trained; some are more experienced than others and the more experienced ones tend to be a little more relaxed. But that doesn't mean they will be any nicer to you on the back end."

—Wes Seigner of Hyman, Phelps and McNamara, a specialty FDA/FTC law firm

Don't sweat the weight
"(The weight loss question) is a red herring. People (who exercise) get hung up on how much weight they've lost and don't notice that their blood pressure has dropped and their cholesterol levels are better."

—Dr. Julie Lumeng,University of Michigan's CS Mott Children's Hospital

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