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Ingredients By Nature opens new production facility

Ingredients By Nature opens new production facility
The ingredient supplier expands with a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing plant to better serve the supplement, functional food and beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets.

Ingredients By Nature (IBN)has announced the grand opening of Phase I of its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Montclair California. The facility was designed with all aspects of quality, functionality and industry needs in mind.

“The completion of our first phase of the facility is significant in that it allows us to provide expanded capabilities to better serve our industry clients,” stated Rob Brewster, President of Ingredients By Nature.  “Our team worked very hard in all aspects to complete this facility on time, which is a rare feat."

Brewster explained that the design concept for the facility was generated with the help of IBN's partner companies which bring extensive ingredient manufacturing expertise to the project.  "We clearly saw a growing need in the industry for quality focused, value-added ingredient toll solutions. 

Mel A. Earls, Production Manager of Ingredients By Nature, explains that the IBN manufacturing facility possesses all new, state-of-the-art, manufacturing equipment capable of performing all technologies necessary for processing ingredients to the customer’s specifications. IBN now provides toll work services for chilsonation (roller compaction), large-batch blending premixing (3000 kgs capacity with blending with liquid options), high-shear mixing (blending, dry blending with liquid, wet granulation), milling, fluid-bed granulation (top spray:  granulation, particle coating; bottom spray/Wurster:  pellets, granules, small tablets, enteric/time-release coating;  tangent:  coating, pelletizing, powder layering), and packaging. The production processes are equipped with rare earth magnets and state of the art metal detection.

"In response to arising trends in consumer demands, my executive and manufacturing team invested fully in creating a heightened cGMP facility with full capabilities of manufacturing quality products through new state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, as well as rolling out quality standards with the intention of raising the bar in the ingredient manufacturing and dietary supplement manufacturing industries," Earls describes.

The facility in Montclair includesan on-site, third-party, full-service laboratory.

Jesse Lopez, founder and CEO of SourceOne Global Partners, Chicago, is a client partner who gave expertise to the Phase 1 project, which he says, "allows for larger batches of unique science-based formulas like PMF with palm tooctrienol (Cholesstrinol) IBN produces for us. I am both relieved and confident that the growing global demand for Cholesstrinol we are experiencing can now be more easily be met with this new facility and IBN's advanced production technologies.”

“Now that PHASE I is complete, we can start of PHASE II of the facility which includes a new proprietary heat & steam sanitation process developed by our company, “ noted Bo Zhu, Executive Vice President of Ingredients By Nature.  “We will also be adding in a Research & Development Laboratory to provide on-site resources for our company in developing our proprietary extracts.  In addition, we want this laboratory to be accessible to our customers who would like to do on-site R & D for toll projects and formula creation.” 

About Ingredients By Nature
Ingredients By Nature (IBN), headquartered in Montclair, CA, is a leading manufacturer of innovative, science-based ingredients and ingredients solutions to the nutritional supplement, functional food & beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition markets.  IBN offers over 300 ingredient types in addition to its value added toll solutions.  IBN is research driven and focuses on creating new and novel compounds for the industry. IBN is recognized as a pioneer manufacturer in the industry and was created by two long-standing ingredient manufacturers, Brewster Foods and Syntech.  IBNs’ product line continues to expand and includes Citrus Flavonoids, High Potency Citrus Extracts, Alfalfa Juice Extracts and Probiotics,  IBN branded ingredients include CITRUSHIELD™ Brand of Citrus FlavonoidFormulas, ALFAPURE™ High Protein Alfalfa Juice Concentrate, TESTLAB® Brands and SYNERGYC™ L-carnitine phytate.

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