InnoVactiv’s InSea²™ is Key Ingredient in Enhanced Irvingia with Calorie Control Product from Life Extension

InnoVactiv inc. today announced that it has recently entered into an agreement with Life Extension® to supply InSea2™ for the newly launched Enhanced Irvingia with Calorie Control Complex.

InSea2™ is the only product on the market today that exhibits a dual mechanism of action against digestive enzymes involved in carbohydrate digestion and assimilation. It is an optimized blend of polyphenols derived from two species of brown seaweed. As one of the key ingredients in the Enhanced Irvingia formulation, InSea2™ selectively targets digestive enzymes involved in carbohydrate digestion and diminishes the metabolic impact following a high-glycemic index (GI) meal. Specifically, InSea2™ has demonstrated potent inhibiting effects against both α-glucosidase and α-amylase enzymes. By consuming InSea2™ and targeting these enzymes, the rate of carbohydrate absorption can be significantly slowed, potentially reducing the caloric impact of foods rich in starch and sugar.

“We’re always pleased when a company like Life Extension incorporates an innovative, new ingredient like InSea2™ into their product line,” says Scott Steil, President of Nutra Bridge, the exclusive U.S. distributor of InSea2™.

In a series of animal studies, InSea2™ reduced the postprandial glucose (blood sugar level after consuming a meal) increase normally seen 30 minutes after a meal by up to 90% compared with non-supplemented animals. Insulin reductions by as much as 40% in animal supplemented with InSea2™ were also observed. In addition, scientists found that glucose levels in animals supplemented with InSea2™ returned to baseline in a more gradual, gentle fashion. Thus, the scientists concluded that InSea2™ was able to change the absorption profile of a high GI food towards that of a low GI food.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to work with Life Extension, that uses innovative, science backed ingredients to drive their product development process. This great achievement confirms the potential of our business model” says Patrice Dionne, Chief Executive Officer of innoVactiv. “With the integration of InSea2™ in Life Extension’s Enhanced Irvingia with Calorie Control Complex, we together reach an ultimate goal to provide safe and effective products to consumers that are looking for reliable solutions to maintain healthy blood glucose and insulin levels” adds Mr. Dionne.

“Life Extension, as a pioneer in anti-aging and wellness, is proud to partner with innoVactiv on its latest weight management formulation, Enhanced Irvingia. With the inclusion of InSea2™, the metabolic benefits of Life Extension’s Irvingia formula offers excellent support, along with a healthy diet and exercise, for life-long weight management,” says Steven V. Joyal, M.D., Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Life Extension.

About Life Extension
Founded in 1980, Life Extension is an organization whose objective is to develop methods that enable people to live in health, youth and vigor for unlimited periods of time. Life Extension maintains the highest quality control standards by developing products that contain only premium-grade nutrients and guarantees quality, purity and potency and through an independent quality control team. For more information about Life Extension and the products available, visit

About innoVactiv
InnoVactiv’s mission is to develop and supply innovative ingredients whose efficacy and safety have been scientifically demonstrated. In addition to its two newest nutraceutical active ingredients, InSea2™ and PeptiBal™, innoVactiv has developed a line of 16 cosmeceutical ingredients and holds a strong development pipeline of additional ingredients that will offer solutions for maintaining optimal human health. For more information on innoVactiv, contact Patrice Dionne: or visit

About Nutra Bridge
Nutra Bridge connects ingredient suppliers to marketers of foods and dietary supplements with a mission to represent innovative, branded, and patented ingredients that are backed by worldclass science supporting efficacy and safety. In addition, Nutra Bridge strives to further add value to the supply chain by finding and helping develop unique ingredients for companies that value and require a strong scientific backbone for new product development. The exclusive product portfolio of Nutra Bridge includes: InSea2TM (blood glucose support), PeptiBalTM (gut health and immune function), AuroraBlueTM (anti-oxidant), MicroLactin® (joint health/sports recovery) and 7-Keto® (weight loss). For more information on Nutra Bridge, contact Scott Steil- President:

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