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New gelatin-free capsules
Brunel Healthcare has launched vertese™, a range of food supplements using gelatin-free soft capsules. The gels are soft capsules, based on potato starch. They look just like the conventional soft gelatin capsules, feel the same, are produced in a similar way and exhibit the same properties. The VegaGels™ technology used in the capsules is an invention by SwissCaps, a Swiss company based in Kirchberg.

The following products are available in the vertese™ range: Evening Primrose Oil which contains gamma linolenic acid at a level of 12 per cent of the total fatty acids and Natural Vitamin E capsules which contain 400iu of vitamin E. Other products include high strength odour-controlled Garlic, which contains 850µg of Allicin and vertese™ Cod Liver Oil.

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Brunel Healthcare
Tel: +44 117 946 5511
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Loders Croklaan extends nutritional lipid range
Loders Croklaan has introduced a complete range of Natural Omega-3, DHA and EPA Marinol™ fish oil concentrates. Marinol™ fish oil concentrates are formulated to be rich in omega-3, specifically in DHA and EPA. Various concentrations are available in order to address different health concerns such as heart disease, brain support and joint health. According to the company, its Clarinol™ CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) product has also been shown to boost the human immune system in a 12 week clinical study. Daily dosage of CLA were shown to stimulate the antigen-specific antibody production after Hepatitis B. This study was performed in collaboration with Unilever Health Institute and the Dutch TNO Nutrition and Food Research.

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Tel: +31 75 629 2445

Treatt gets fruity
Flavour ingredients specialist Treatt plc has launched Lime HV ­ the latest in its range of citrus fresh notes. A unique natural specialty fraction, Lime HV gives beverage products a powerful, fruity flavour.

Extracted entirely from lime, Citrus aurantifolia (also known as West Indian, Mexican or Key Lime), Lime HV is 100 per cent natural and FTNF. A highly volatile fraction, it provides intense, well balanced lime notes at extremely low dosage rates ­ 1ppm and less in finished product. It can also be used with other citrus creations such as lemon to add a 'twist'.

The launch of Lime HV follows the success of Lemon HV, developed during the past year. The concentrated zesty notes of Lemon HV adds flavour, enhancing initial odour and taste impact. Applications of Lemon HV and Lime HV span the full range of beverages, including soft drinks, isotonic and alcoholic drinks plus juices. Both HV products are water white, so are suitable for clear beverages.

Water soluble Beta-Carotene
DSM has launched a cold water soluble (CWS) version of its CaroPure® beta-carotene ingredient. Designed for easy dispersion in aqueous systems, the CWS formulation promises stability against oxidation and excellent pH, heat and UV resistance. Beta carotene can be used as an antioxidant and provitamin A, as well as a colourant in a wide range of food products from bakery, confectionary and ice-creams to drinks, sauces and seasonings.

CaroPure® beta-carotene is a non-GM, preservative-free product derived from the micro organisms Blakeslea trispora. It is dispersible in both cold and warm water and as such is easily incorporated into existing formulations.

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DSM Food Specialties
Tel: +31 15279 3474 or

Drinks from Japan
Yakult has launched some new drinks in Japan. Bansoreicha is a guava tea, based on a folk remedy from Okinawa. Regular consumption is said to help diabetics balance blood sugar levels. Bansoreicha was approved by the Japanese Government as a Food for Specified Health Use. Another new product by Yakult is Toughman, a new energy drink. Each bottle has a variety of energy boosting nutrients including ginseng extract, vitamins and amino acids. Hi-Line was especially designed for women and is enriched with iron and fibre.

More details:
Jim Munday
Tel: +44-208-740 4111

Liquid Lecithin Vcaps
Following extensive research and trials, Capsugel, has extended its line of liquid filled vegetable capsules to include a lecithin filled capsule. Vcaps combine the benefits of both vegetable and liquid filled capsules. The capsule is derived from vegetable extracts and contains non-GMO, USP grade lecithin. Kosher certified and approved by the UK Vegetarian Society, Vcaps liquid capsules meet the needs of vegetarians as well as those with specific cultural or dietary preferences.

Vcaps are already available throughout Europe filled with a choice of natural or synthetic Vitamin E in liquid form.
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