Innovative New Form of Folate Supplementation

Metafolin(R) Delivered in L-methylfolate Stage Requires No Conversion

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., June 26 -- Source Naturals(R), creators of the highly acclaimed line of health and wellness supplements, introduced Metafolin -- a breakthrough development in folate supplementation discovered by Merck Eprova Ltd, a subsidiary of Merck KGaA. This body-ready folate is available off the shelf, already in L-methylfolate stage.

All absorbed food folates and folic acid supplements must go through methylation in the liver and intestines, where they are converted to L-methylfolate. This is the common form of folate that circulates in the blood, for use by cells. However, recent studies have shown that as many as half of all Americans carry genetic mutations that interfere with their ability to metabolize folate. Their tissues may be folate deficient, even when their diet is not.

"We stand behind Metafolin as a better solution for the many people unable to process folate efficiently," said Marc Wiener, a leading researcher at Source Naturals. "This limited ability to fully methylate folate results in the occurrence of varying amounts of unmetabolized folic acid in the bloodstream, which cannot be used by the cells. Because Metafolin comes pre-methylated, it is readily usable by the cells, and more efficiently crosses the blood-brain barrier, which mediates the uptake of circulating nutrients."

Most people are aware of the importance of folic acid during pregnancy, but proper folate intake is also associated with healthy DNA synthesis, mood regulation, reducing homocysteine levels, joint health, liver detoxification and improving heart and artery health. Folate is one of the most commonly deficient vitamins, and although it is available in foods, the amount is not sufficient for most people. Even folic acid supplements are difficult for many people to fully utilize within their bodies. Anyone trying to improve folate nutrition will benefit greatly from this highly bio-available form. Source Naturals Metafolin is available now in health food stores nationwide.

Source Naturals -- founded in California by Ira Goldberg in 1982 -- is committed to enhancing individual potential to enjoy optimal health and well-being by providing superior quality dietary supplements and nutritional education. For more information, pricing or purchase locations, please visit .

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