Innovative SPF Boosting Technology NOW available from S. Black

Amcol Health and Beauty Solutions (HBS) have just introduced an all-natural additive range known as Polargel® UV that acts as an innovative SPF booster that can reduce the amount of UV filters needed by up to 50%, giving comparable SPF’s and resultant lower irritation potential.

These multifunctional hydrogels for cosmetic and personal care products are produced through a unique manufacturing process and comprise of a viscous, aqueous dispersion of pigmentary materials, sodium bentonite clay and spruce extract that is used as a dispersant.

Polargel® UV products are designed to offer an exceptional combination of functional benefits that include:

  • SPF boost in sunscreen formulations consequently achieving targeted SPF with less UV filters and therefore at lower cost.
  • A mild product which avoids a greasy skin-feel and irritation normally associated with the use of ‘organic’ sunscreens.
  • Broad spectrum performance and anti-aging claims without the use of Avobenzone.
  • Allows secondary thickening of the water phase, with advanced application rheology (no stringiness or stickiness that results from other natural thickener emulsions).
  • Enhances formulation stability.

The key products in the Polargel® UV family now available from S. Black Ltd are defined below with details and typical use:

Polargel® UV – 1116
Recommended for beach products and other moderate to high SPF formulas, which desire water ‘resistant’ or water ‘proof’ performance. Research supports the notable cost savings based on the ability to use less sunscreen to achieve a desired SPF.

Polargel® UV – 3025
A cost effective means of adding monograph levels of zinc to a sunscreen formula without the intrinsic stability difficulties associated with other zinc oxide dispersions and products.

Thorough testing carried out by AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions established sunscreen levels in the Polargel® UV formulas were 50% lower than the levels reported in the major retail brands. Thus supporting the cost-effective claim associated with these all-natural, multifunctional additives.

For further information including technical advice and formulatory recommendations please contact S. Black today.

Tel: +44 1992 825555
E: [email protected]

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