Integrity Pharmaceutical Corporation and Albion Laboratories, Inc. Provide Premium Iron to Pregnant Women

INDIANAPOLIS--April 2, 2003--Integrity Pharmaceutical Corporation, providers of quality prenatal vitamins, and Albion Laboratories, Inc., makers of advanced nutritional supplements, announced today an exclusive deal to include Albion's premium iron, Ferrochel(R), in Integrity's prenatal vitamin supplements. Ferrochel, ferrous bis-glycinate, is a patented type of iron that is better absorbed by the body and has fewer side effects than the form of iron most often used in dietary supplements.

Iron is vital to a healthy pregnancy and is a very important component of prenatal vitamins. 80% of all women enter pregnancy with insufficient iron stores, and iron deficiency during pregnancy can result in preterm delivery, low infant birth weight and other health concerns. The iron provided by Ferrochel is easily absorbed by the body. In fact, it is 2-4 times more bioavailable than the most common form of iron used as a supplement. Importantly, Ferrochel also provides freedom from the adverse side effects, such as gastric upset, that are often associated with iron supplements.

"Albion has a history of being involved with leading developments in nutrition and we are pleased to partner with them in bringing the advantages of Ferrochel to pregnant women," said Terri Pascarelli, President of Integrity Pharmaceutical. "Using this superior iron source in our vitamins is in keeping with our goal of providing women optimal nutrition with minimal side effects."

Ferrochel is currently included in Integrity's prescription prenatal vitamin, Duet(TM) by StuartNatal(R), and will soon be added to their over-the-counter vitamin, Stuart Prenatal(R). Stuart Prenatal is the leading brand of OTC prenatal vitamins. "We are excited about working with Integrity to bring this important development in nutrition to women for use before, during, and after pregnancy. We are pleased that both mothers and babies can benefit from the quality nutrition we provide," said DeWayne Ashmead, PhD., President of Albion Labs.

Integrity Pharmaceutical Corporation is a privately owned, fully integrated pharmaceutical company focused on providing innovative products for the Obstetrician/Gynecology and Urology specialties. The company, located in Indianapolis, has a nationwide sales force and currently markets numerous products including Duet by StuartNatal, StuartNatal(R) Plus 3(TM) and Stuart Prenatal. More information about Integrity can be found on the company web site at or by calling 1-800-823-6878.

Albion Laboratories, Inc. is a privately owned product development and manufacturing company devoted to providing the world with the highest quality mineral nutrition products. Doing business as Albion Advanced Nutrition, the company produces human nutrition products for pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and food fortification uses, as well as agricultural products. More information about the Utah based company can be found on the Albion web site at or by calling 1-866-CHELATE (243-5283).

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