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InterHealth’s, Schiff Nutrition create once-a-day joint-health supp

InterHealth Nutraceuticals announced the inclusion of its signature joint-health ingredient, UC-II, in a new version of Move Free Ultra from Schiff Nutrition International, Inc.


InterHealth Nutraceuticals announced the inclusion of its Move Free Ultrasignature joint-health ingredient, UC-II®, in a new version of Move Free® Ultra from Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. (NYSE: WNI). With an efficacious once-a-day dose of just 40 mg, UC-II offers unique joint health benefits while simultaneously addressing consumer pill fatigue.

“InterHealth’s UC-II offering provides Schiff with a key ingredient for our once-a-day Move Free product without compromising on the science, safety and quality of the Move Free brand,” stated Schiff’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Jennifer Steeves-Kiss. “In addition, UC-II’s clinical data is impressive, and it works in a unique way to inhibit joint cartilage damage, enabling the body to rebuild healthy joints.”

UC-II undenatured type II collagen may help trigger a series of events that slows down the secretion of joint-cartilage degrading enzymes. It not only works differently than other collagens on the market, but it is more effective than glucosamine & chondroitin. UC-II is supported by peer-reviewed published clinical research demonstrating that just 40 mg increases joint mobility, flexibility and quality of life twice as effectively as glucosamine & chondroitin.

“To be able to offer such a superior joint-health product to manufacturers and consumers is extremely important to InterHealth,” stated InterHealth’s CEO, Paul Dijkstra. “We are excited that UC-II is featured in Schiff’s new Move Free Ultra. The popularity of the Move Free brand should, in turn, help increase consumer awareness of the UC-II brand.”

UC-II is a published and notified new dietary ingredient (NDI) in the United States as well as a non-novel food in the EU. UC-II is sourced and manufactured in the United States and offers manufacturers a chance to formulate superior joint-health products for improved joint health and improved quality of life for millions of people with joint health issues.

About InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals researches, develops, markets and distributes specialty nutritional ingredients, which are sold worldwide to manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutraceutical food and beverage products. The company’s products include UC-II® for joint health support; Merastin™ to help modulate fat break down and storage for weight management; and Zychrome™, next generation chromium that addresses insulin function. In addition, InterHealth offers Super CitriMax®, ChromeMate®, LOWAT™, Aller-7®, OptiBerry®, L-OptiZinc®, Protykin® and ZMA®. For more information about InterHealth and its products, call 1-800-783-4636 or 1-707-751-2800 (outside U.S.) or visit

About Schiff Nutrition

Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and distributes branded and private label vitamins, nutritional supplements and nutrition bars in the United States and throughout the world. Schiff’s portfolio of well-known brands includes Move Free®, Schiff® Vitamins, MegaRed®, Mega-D3™ and Tiger's Milk®. To learn more about Schiff, please visit the web site


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