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InterMed Discovery Announces Collaboration Agreement With the Lead Discovery Center

InterMed Discovery (IMD), an emerging world class natural product lead discovery company, announced today the start of a screening project for the Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC), a Max-Planck-Innovation company. The LDC was founded in 2008 in close proximity to IMD at the University Campus at Dortmund and forms an essential part of Max-Planck-Innovation's Drug Discovery & Development Center (DDC).

The objective of this collaboration project between IMD and the LDC is to identify naturally derived modulators by screening IMD’s natural product libraries against targets provided by LDC and based on intellectual property previously generated by MPG and the LDC. IMD will undertake assay establishment, screening, hit identification and hit validation for LDC using its world leading expertise and technology platform with the largest collection of pure natural products (NAT-PURER®) and fractionated extracts (PRE-FRACR®).

“We intend this to be the beginning of a long term relationship with more projects coming in the very near future,” said Bernard Becker, Managing Director of InterMed Discovery. “This is a step forward in our sustainable business growth through integrated research-based value generation validating our strong research capabilities.”

Dr Bert Klebl, Managing Director & CSO added: “The LDC aims to achieve the very highest levels of quality in early drug discovery and this objective is greatly enhanced by the collaboration with InterMed Discovery.”

About InterMed Discovery

InterMed Discovery is an emerging world class natural product lead-discovery company, driving innovation through the generation of novel product candidates for the life science, food and cosmetics industries. Using one of the most powerful validated natural product discovery engines, InterMed Discovery generates proprietary product pipelines of early stage pharmaceuticals and functional ingredients and also supports partners in research and lead generation. Biologically characterised product leads are identified using IMD BIOPROFILING® and NPSILICO®, which together comprise a proprietary bioinformatics platform drawing on screening results compiled over many years, complemented by primary biological and chemical research on natural products. InterMed Discovery adds to this the industry’s largest collections of pure compounds, sample fractions and mixtures as its source for potential natural product leads. The Company is located in Dortmund, Germany and was founded in 2006 as a management buyout of the Natural Products Research Unit of Bayer Healthcare. Further information on InterMed Discovery can be found at

About the Lead Discovery Center

The Lead Discovery Center GmbH (LDC) was jointly developed by Max Planck Innovation and the Max Planck Society as a novel approach to advance findings from excellent basic research into the development of novel medicines. With a world-class team of drug discovery experts and seasoned managers, the LDC offers the full scope of drug discovery services - from target to lead - according to the highest industry standards. As an independent enterprise with an entrepreneurial outlook, it collaborates with research institutions, universities and industry to transform promising and early-stage projects into attractive in-licensing or co-development opportunities: pharmaceutical leads with initial proof-of-concept in animals that meet the increasing need for novel therapeutic agents. Further information on the LDC can be found at

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