International Aloe Science Council Awards Aloe Industry Leaders

Lacey, WA – October 28, 2004 – The International Aloe Science Council (IASC), the leading worldwide nonprofit Aloe vera Industry trade organization, announced the winner of this year’s prestigious Yun-Ho Lee Award of Scientific Merit during its 23rd Annual Scientific Conference in Seoul, Korea Sept. 9 – 10. Warren Goux, Ph.D. accepted the award for his dedicated research in the field of Aloe vera and his paper, “Chemical Characterization of the Immunomodulating Polysaccharide of Aloe vera L.”

The award was established and is sponsored by Aloecorp and B. William Lee in honor of his father, the late Yun-Ho Lee. Chairman Lee was founder of Aloecorp and a family of global health and wellness companies.

Dr. Goux’s paper reports his work in characterizing the structure of the aloe polysaccharide, Acemannan. According to Dr. Goux, this represents the first step in isolating an aloe substance that may one day be used as a pharmaceutical. Dr. Goux is an Associate Professor in Chemistry, specializing in Physical and Analytical Chemistry, at the University of Texas at Dallas where he has taught for more than two decades.

“The IASC has served as a liaison and information source for the research, development and promotion of Aloe vera and associated products for the past 23 years,” said IASC Managing Director, Gene Hale. “On behalf of my colleagues, I congratulate Dr. Goux for conducting research that supports the natural healing benefits of this ancient botanical.”

Among the 11 noteworthy scientific presentations was one made by Dr. Carlos Macias from the University of Pittsburgh highlighting how Aloe vera can help alleviate the effects of hemorrhagic shock on trauma victims, such as soldiers wounded on the battlefield. Further studies are expected to be conducted in the future.

Another presentation was made to Jess F. Clark, Jr., who received the IASC Hall of Fame Award for his outstanding achievements as a pioneer in the Aloe Industry. Clark has been affiliated with the IASC almost since its inception and has served for many years in various capacities on the IASC Board of Directors. He was given the award for his tireless efforts in helping propel the IASC forward to the credible and highly respected organization it is today. Clark is President and Board Chairman of Winning Solutions and Catalog Solutions, a company representing a large assortment of products containing Aloe vera. To date, a total of nine Aloe Industry leaders have been inducted into the IASC Hall of Fame.

Hale indicated that two new IASC Board members were elected at the recent seminar, including Dr. Qi Jia, Chief Scientific Officer at Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Lacey, Washington and Jesper Hummeluhr, Manager of Aloe Vera Group ApS in Denmark. Both individuals have been personally and professionally committed to advancing the quality and use of Aloe products worldwide.

The IASC is based in Irving, Texas, close to where a significant amount of the world’s Aloe is grown and processed. In that vein, the IASC is planning next year’s annual seminar to be held at the popular South Padre Island in South Texas. For further information, visit

About the International Aloe Science Council

The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) is the pre-eminent worldwide Aloe vera Industry trade organization. The nonprofit IASC, now in its 24th year, serves as a liaison and information source for the research, development and promotion of Aloe vera and its associated products, such as those involving skin and personal care, beverages, food and pharmaceuticals, among others. A variety of industries are members of the IASC, including Aloe growers and processors, finished goods manufacturers, marketers, equipment suppliers, sales organizations, vendors, consultants, researchers, scientists and physicians. Members have access to a wide variety of technical information, support and advice. Most importantly, members can submit their raw material or finished goods products for the prestigious International Aloe Science Council certification and seal of approval, born of necessity in the early 1980s for truth in labeling, particularly relative to quantity and quality claims. After filing an application, an on-site inspection audit is carried out involving formulas, inventories, labeling and, ultimately, a product sample is taken and assayed. If approved, the IASC authorized Seal of Certification—the Industry Gold Standard—can be placed on products and literature, letting customers know that these products meet the most stringent quality guidelines.


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