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International Conference on Dietary Supplements-Indian and Global Perspectives Friday 27 th Sept. 2002

Organized by :

Co-Sponsored and Venue: Scitech
7 Prabhat Nagar, Jogeshwari(W)
Mumbai-400102 (India)


The Indian Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (INHADSA), founded in April 2002, keeping the consumer benefits in mind, represents the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of vitamin, mineral and botanical products including organic and health foods, natural ingredient cosmetics, sports nutrition products, herbs and other dietary supplements.

INHADSA is a national, non-profit trade association committed to providing consumers with safe, effective products made to quality standards. Further, the association will support a science-based environment for the responsible marketing of nutritional supplements and will ensure that consumers are provided with the accurate information they need to make informed choices. Our commitment includes compliance to applicable laws and regulations consistent with International guidelines and standards, but to seek to change or question those laws or regulations that are inconsistent with the best interest of the public.

INHADSA unites a diverse membership, from the smallest health food store to the largest natural product supplier. We champion consumers' freedom of choice in our marketplace. We strengthen and safeguard a free market economy. We build strong markets to fuel industry growth. We act together with uncompromising integrity, and we encourage all to reach ever-higher standards of quality. The Government of India is seeking Industry’s in put for the recently proposed draft on Health Foods and Dietary Supplement bill to develop an appropriate regulatory framework. In support of the Government’s intention, by providing an international forum, INHADSA attempts to bring together the recognized experts in this field for proper understanding and review of the dietary supplement product category.


INHADSA has been recently been set up by leading companies operating in India in the important area of Health Foods and Dietary Supplements.

The first Asia Conference on Dietary Supplements is being held at Bangkok on 24 –25 September , 2002 (Tuesday-Wednesday) and it is being addressed by a number of international experts . We are organizing a one-day conference in Mumbai almost immediately thereafter on Friday, September 27, 2002 so that it would be convenient for some of the speakers from the Bangkok conference to speak at our conference. The conference is going to be held at SciTech Center auditorium at Jogeshwari , Mumbai .

Like elsewhere in the world, Government of India is seeking to develop an approved regulatory frame-work for dietary supplements. Our conference will aim to improve understanding of dietary supplements, the market and the regulatory requirements. It will also aim to provide a springboard for future discussions, developments of the market place and provide an all-industry perspective to promote well-defines guidelines towards self-regulation. We expect a good participation from industry as well as regulators. The conference will be very timely, as the Government has already proposed a draft regulation on Health Food and Dietary Supplements.

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