International Gum Arabic Industry and Major NGO’s Affirm Commitment to Sustain and Expand Gum Arabic Supplies and Availability

Khartoum, Sudan --June, 2005 -- Representatives of the three leading gum Arabic producing countries, international distributors, and interested international organizations have committed themselves to working together to preserve and enhance this precious resource.

Paul Flowerman, President of P.L. Thomas, was the only U.S.A. participant at the meeting. He reports:

“Gum exporters, some of whom endured three days of transit because of visa and travel connections, came to Khartoum from all over Africa. They made clear their determination to take specific measures to make sure their global clientele will not be deprived of ample quantities of gums at fair prices with good information. Mechanisms for making rapid progress on the various matters have been put into place. This meeting will be remembered as historic if the participants make good on their promises to do the necessary and doable to put gum Arabic business and public relations on a stronger footing.”

Khartoum Declaration on Gum Arabic Security Stock (attached)

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For more information, please contact Paula Nürnberger at [email protected].

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