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International Omega-3 Awareness Day features William Harris

The 2nd International Omega-3 Awareness Day kicked off with a panel of world omega-3 experts including noted William Harris, PhD, Co-Founder of the Omega-3 Index, a new bio-health marker recently discussed by Dr. Oz.

The 2nd International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM), Thursday, March 3rd, kicked off with a panel of world omega-3 experts including noted William Harris, PhD, Co-Founder of the Omega-3 Index, a new bio-health marker recently discussed by Dr. Oz. The non-profit Omega-3 Day Founder, Carol Locke, MD, practicing physician and Harvard trained Psychiatrist and Founder of OmegaBrite states, "Omega-3 deficiency is the 8th leading cause of preventable death in the US and we can prevent these unnecessary deaths and promote wellness with omega-3 education. Adding omega-3 reduces mortality of any cause by 20% and sudden death by 45% and has recently been shown to be linked to longevity with higher omega-3 levels associated with decreased telomere shortening over 5 years." Harris adds, "There is no nutrient more important for heart disease protection—and more missing from our diets than omega-3."

Event Details

  • The free public event was at 6:45 pm on Thursday, March 3rd
  • Event was at the Discovery Science Center, located at 2500 N. Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92705

Speaker topics

  • Welcome - What are Omega-3's and Why We Need Them, Carol A. Locke, MD
  • Intro Omega-3's and Medicine, William Butler, MD
  • Omega-3's and Heart Health, William Harris, PhD
  • Omega-3's, Pregnancy, and Childhood, Joyce Nettleton, Dsc.
  • Omega-3's, the Brain, Mood, ADD, and Autism, Carol A. Locke, MD
  • Practical ways to get more Omega-3 into Your Diet, Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD
  • Questions and Answers from the Panel

Harvard Medical School Faculty William E. Butler, MD, one of the world's top pediatric neurosurgeons and married to Locke, moderated the event. Butler states, "There is substantial evidence to suggest that our levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids may be the most potent cardio-protective factors in the human diet. Optimal omega-3 intakes can have a profound effect in safely reducing the risk of cardiac disease and promoting health in men, women and children of all ages."

Omega-3 expert, author, and science consultant Dr. Joyce Nettletonl spoke on the importance of omega-3 EPA and DHA in pregnancy and childhood. Nutritional and omega-3 expert and consultant Gretchen Vannice, MS, spoke on practical ways to increase omega-3 intake in our diet. Given the predicted epidemic of diabetes and health problems in our younger generations, Jason Stoll, high school senior and also a founding member of the non-profit International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM), states, "A preventable cause of death we can change—let's do it! From kids on up, people need the power from clear information to know to add more omega-3 to their diets and live longer healthier lives. Our goal as a non-profit educational organization is to get this information out there to the people."

Speakers Information

  • Carol A. Locke, MD, Founder of International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM), World omega-3 Expert and Founder of OmegaBrite
  • William Harris, PhD, Founder of OmegaQuant, Director CV Research, Sanford School of Medicine, U So Dakota
  •  Joyce Nettleton, Dsc., Science Voice Consulting
  • William Butler, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Faculty Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital, Founder Square Knot, Inc. and Life Informatics, LLC
  • Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, Writer, Speaker, Nutrition Research Consultant specializing in Diet, Dietary Supplements and omega-3's

About International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM)

International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM) is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote awareness of the health benefits and science of omega-3 fatty acids and to save lives by increasing omega-3 intake around the globe. The non-profit International Omega-3 Awareness Day(TM) does not endorse or promote any individual product, brand, service, or test and is a registered trademark and may not be used to promote or endorse any product, test, or service. Omega-3 Day has over 3,000 followers around the world. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Omega3Day.

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