International Probiotics Association Holds First Congress

Chicago, IL – The International Probiotics Association concluded its first IPA World Congress on April 11th – 12th at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Los Angeles, CA. It was a unique event which brought individuals from industry, academia and healthcare together under one roof to discuss the most recent developments in probiotic production technologies, clinical benefits, and safety.

“The program was very well-rounded, covering such topics as the healthcare setting and the discovery of potential clinical applications , regulatory approaches from around the globe, identifying and producing probiotics and stabilization & incorporation technologies,” commented Ioannis Misopoulos, the Executive Director of IPA. Misopoulos continued, “It is interesting to note that two months prior to this meeting, we were already at maximum capacity and had participants on a waiting list to attend this event. It is evident that the industry is hungry to share and receive new information about this fast-growing sector of health promoting ingredients.”

The IPA World Congress is a probiotic-focused meeting which will be held every two years in different parts of the world with the goal of bridging the gap between industry, academia, and healthcare professionals who are involved or interested in learning more about the many benefits of clinically-documented probiotic organisms.

IPA is an international non-profit trade organization established in 2001 and is composed of 41 global probiotic-related companies. IPA’s goal is to educate consumers on the proven health benefits of probiotics for humans and animals, promote scientific progress and development of high quality probiotic products across the globe as well as establish standards on probiotic testing protocols.

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