International Probiotics Association Product Guidelines

IPA takes quality very seriously therefore it has established guidelines of what probiotic supplement
products should have on their label:

1) CFU count at the time of expiration (guaranteed minimum) of the product
2) Storage directions
3) Lot number or production code should be on every package
4) A clear identification of the probiotic bacteria including the strain (preferred) or at least the genus
and species based on widely accepted nomenclature. If a Trademarked name is used to identify the
bacteria, the actual genus and species should also be included on the label. This information gives
consumers the knowledge and chance to research the strains.
5) Contact information for the company including an address and a telephone number that consumers
can call if they have any questions or concerns. For products that don’t have enough space on the
label a company should list a website where the consumer can go and get that information
6) Directions for suggested usage (animal probiotic supplements should include target animal species)
In the short future, look for products with the IPA quality seal which will be obtained by a company
meeting independent third party testing and other stringent guidelines

For information of IPA’s activities, please visit

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