Intertek Cantox hosts symposium on structure-function claims

Intertek Cantox hosts symposium on structure-function claims

Intertek Cantox is hosting a one-day structure-function claims symposium in Arlington, Virginia, in early November.


Intertek Cantox is hosting a one-day symposium on Structure/Function (S/F) claims to clarify the substantiation and enforcement of these claims on food and dietary supplements.

This event will be held on November 2, 2011 in Arlington, Virginia at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. S/F claims can strengthen a company’s product image and permit an organization to have a more competitive marketing advantage, globally. Claims used in the labeling and advertising of foods must be in compliance with scientific and regulatory requirements. As experts in the field, Intertek Cantox has identified deficiencies in the regulations and guidance documents pertaining to S/F claims.

There is a lack of guidance on what the substantiation standard for S/F claims on dietary supplements—“competent and reliable scientific evidence”—actually means. Further, the substantiation standard to be applied to S/F claims on foods is not defined.

During this Symposium, representatives from both the FDA and FTC will join together to:

  • Explain what the S/F claim substantiation standard means.
  • Identify how the S/F claim standards should be applied to dietary supplements and foods.
  • Discuss enforcement action triggers and whether they are a result of claim wording; the target population of the claim; the product category (food or dietary supplement); and/or the media used to advertise the claim.

“The symposium will benefit scientific, regulatory, or marketing personnel involved with S/F claims on foods or dietary supplements”, comments Dr. Ashley Roberts, Senior Vice President of Intertek Cantox’s Food and Nutrition Group. “This is a unique opportunity for attendees to have pressing questions addressed directly by the FDA and FTC. The symposium will be interactive, with each morning and afternoon session including a question/answer period. We are excited that Intertek Cantox is working together with the FDA and FTC to address this important topic and to offer an opportunity for our clients and industry leaders to work together.”

To obtain more information about this exciting symposium, contact the Conference Coordinator at: [email protected], or view the symposium brochure at:


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