Interview With Saul Katz - Founder and CEO of Solo GI Nutrition

Saul Katz, Founder and CEO of Solo GI Nutrition, details how his company is taking a leadership position in helping people move from net carbs to better-for-you low glycemic carbs.

CDSD: How do Solo GI™ low glycemic carb products advance the low-carb movement?
SK: The low-carb market phenomenon is topping out. Solo GI™ is perfectly positioned to sling shot off the low-carb controversy, offering consumers the next technological advancement and natural evolution of the low-carb lifestyle.

CDSD: Tell us about your vision for Solo GI™ Nutrition?
SK: Low glycemic nutrition will change the way people select and think about food. Solo GI Nutrition is at the forefront of the glycemic revolution, and taking a leadership position in bringing low glycemic benefits to the public. My vision is to apply our low glycemic research expertise in collaboration with industry partners to fill store shelves with better-for-you low glycemic products.

CDSD: How can retailers and consumers obtain your products? Are Solo GI™ bars available for sale right now?
SK: We are introducing at Natural Products Expo East a line of revolutionary low glycemic carb bars under the Solo GI™ Nutrition brand. Solo GI™ bars, available in four delicious flavors (Peanut Power, Berry Bliss, Chocolate Charger and Mint Mania) contain natural ingredients and a proprietary protein and fiber blend. We are working with the nation’s top brokers and distributors to get them on store shelves immediately. Retailers should ask their reps about carrying Solo GI™ bars to meet growing consumer demand. I would encourage people to stop by our booth #2556 to taste for themselves what is in store for the future of the low-carb industry.

CDSD: Why would Low Crabers move from net carbs to better-for-you low glycemic carbs?
SK: The low-carb evolution traces back to the 80’s when baby boomers wanting to lose weight were advised to reduce fat intake and eat more carbohydrates. This approach backfired and contributed to the current epidemics of obesity and diabetes. As an extreme reaction, popular low-carb diets promote high fat and protein intake, which caused the AHA to issue a warning that low-carb diets increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. However, not all carbs are created or digested equally. Low Carbers and the carb conscious public while limiting their carb intake should select low glycemic foods over high glycemic foods. A consensus is emerging among health professionals that low glycemic nutrition represents the healthful evolution of the low-carb lifestyle.

CDSD: What is the Glycemic Index?
SK: The glycemic Index (GI) is a scientific ranking that differentiates carbohydrates on how much and how fast they cause blood sugar to rise, the lower and slower the better. Refined carbs such as white flour and table sugar are high GI as they are digested quickly causing an immediate spike in blood sugar, followed by a crash and craving for more food. In contrast, carbs such as soluble fiber are absorbed slowly and allow for a more gradual release of sugar into the bloodstream, thereby preventing the peak, crash and craving cycle. These better-for-you carbs have a GI rating below 55 which is considered low. All Solo GI™ products are formulated to be low glycemic.

CDSD: Why are Solo GI low glycemic carb bars ideal for weight management?
SK: Solo GI proprietary technology minimizes blood sugar swings so you feel full and satisfied longer. Low glycemic foods slow the digestive process providing hunger satisfaction, sustained energy and preventing the peak, crash and craving cycle that leads to the intake of additional calories. Everyone should be following a low glycemic approach for better health and quality of life. My family does.

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