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Introducing ChiaMax™ Omega-3

Low-Fat Whole Grain SuperFood

Protein + Fiber + Omega-3 in an easily formulated, low fat ingredient

Now you can address three of the hottest consumer food trends with a single ingredient

For years, high protein, low-carbohydrate foods have been favorites with weight-conscious consumers. But even hotter today are the trends toward increased dietary fiber and Omega-3s by consumers who want to address energy management, heart health and glycemic health concerns. Now you can take advantage of these health and eating trends with a single ingredient – ChiaMax™ Omega-3 Low-Fat Whole Grain SuperFood.

ChiaMax™ Omega-3 is a proprietary partially defatted Salvia hispanica milled whole-grain. This gluten-free, good tasting milled whole-grain can be used in a wide range of functional food applications where low carb, high fiber, high protein and a healthy amount of Omega-3s are desired. Chia seeds were one of the original ‘superfoods’ of the Americas. A highly prized staple of the Aztec diet, chia was valued for the energy, vigor and staying power it offered to this ancient civilization’s warriors.

ChiaMax™ Omega-3: perfect for sports nutrition and more

When it comes to protein-rich milled whole-grain, ChiaMax™ Omega-3 has a unique composition. A typical assay shows that it contains 51g/100g of fiber and 30g/100g of protein, along with 3g/100g ALA Omega-3. This high protein+fiber+Omega-3 combination makes ChiaMax™ Omega-3 an ideal ingredient in nutrition bars and other sports nutrition formulations. Its broad functionality enables it to fulfill multiple nutrient requirements. It can replace whey proteins that have seen huge price increases due to an ongoing global milk shortage; it can sidestep skyrocketing grain costs by providing an alternate to separately-added fiber; it can supplant gums and binders in your formulation; and most importantly, it can provide your products with an additional source of high-quality, shelf-stable Omega-3, one of the hottest and most consumer-recognized products in the marketplace today. Another key application is in sports nutrition shakes, where ChiaMax™ Omega-3 can build viscosity, replacing hydrocolloids like gum arabic, offering your product a ‘cleaner label’.

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