Introducing Danino Yogurt Enriched with DHA

MONTREAL, Feb. 23 /CNW Telbec/ - Danone Canada is proud to introduce Danino, the only yogurt for children that nourishes both their bodies and their minds! Danino yogurt is enriched with DHA, an Omega 3 fatty acid that contributes to the normal development of the brain. Not only will parents love Danino, kids will go wild over its creamy texture and delicious taste, which comes in four popular flavours - strawberry, raspberry, peach, and banana.

DHA plays an essential role in optimal brain development, and when available in sufficient quantities, it helps improve learning, memory, and concentration (1,2). The main sources of DHA are fish and seafood; unfortunately, Canadians consume insufficient amounts of these foods. According to Michel Lucas, Epidemiologist/Nutritionist, "Many Canadians have a DHA deficient diet - particularly children and pregnant women. The most recent scientific data indicates that the adequate daily intake of DHA for children is 70 to 90 mg."

Each 100 g serving of Danino contains 20 mg of DHA. Together with a regular consumption of fish, Danino is an easy and delicious way to help kids get their daily intake of DHA.

Danino's secret is that it's enriched with DHA derived from microencapsulated fish oil, which contains only the highest quality Omega 3 acids. It is tasteless and odourless, and does not alter the taste of the yogurt. In addition to DHA, Danino is also a source of vitamin D and offers the same nutritional value as all other yogurts, because it is a good source of calcium and contains protein.

A Danone Group first, Danino is available exclusively in Canada. Danino is distributed in all major supermarket chains in Canada with a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a 4 x 100 g pack. To learn more about Danino, visit

About Danone Group

In Canada, Danone Inc., part of Groupe Danone, is a leader in the global food industry. It offers top-quality products that combine health and enjoyment for the well-being of consumers. Danone is the leading producer of yogurts and of bottled spring water. The company believes strongly in 'taking actions today that will improve the lives of Canadians tomorrow'. The launch of products such as Danino, Activia and recently Cardivia are proof of this commitment. Other examples in line with this mission would be the organisation of the Danone Nations Soccer Cup, offering children from all over Canada the
chance to participate and maybe represent their country abroad. Danone is also proud of its partnership with the Quebec Breakfast Club, and Breakfast for Learning - where it donates over 1.3 million pots of yogurt for children in need. To find out more, visit: and

1 ) Extenso : centre de la référence humaine :

2) University of Guelph (June 2004). Essential fatty acids pack a
healthy punch for humans, Research, Focus on DHA :

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