Introducing Good Stuff Peanut Butter for Health and Weight Conscious Consumers

Sans Sucre, an innovative functional food formulation and consulting company has launched "GOOD STUFF" a dark roast peanut butter, breaking new ground for the food industry as well as health and weight minded consumers.

Specifications: Approx. 35 calories per TBSP, 1g fat per TBSP.

SANS SUCRE, [ ] from Canada, is a privately owned and operated functional food development lab and formulation consulting company dedicated to developing science-supported practical and tasty nutritional products to further expand the functional food and nutraceutical market sector.

The company's specialty is consumable products, nutrient delivery vehicles and sports nutrition, from concept through to prototype development for product categories such as functional foods, beverages, chewing gums, bars, functional coatings, gels, snacks, topical and oral absorption delivery.

The company previously created THERMALIFT, a fat burning chewing gum with 7-Keto*, (a registered trademark of Humanetics Corp.) and LOCK-N-LOAD, a Cola & herbal concentrate.

GOOD STUFF peanut butter is the latest release from these innovators.

GOOD STUFF is different, because it has only about 35 calories and one gram fat per tablespoon, about 1/3 the calories in comparison to regular peanut butter. It has an overall nutritional profile of approximately 45% protein, 27% carbohydrates and 22% fat, and it can be used to increase protein intake or lower fat content in the daily diet as well as replacing regular peanut butter in baking, desserts, nutritional bars, mixes, sauces, spreads, power shakes or in snacks.

The company currently has several other versions being developed such as a green tea and high anti-oxidant peanut butter, an energy blast product, a carbohydrate blocking peanut butter and is excited about future tuning of a thermogenic or fat burning product.

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