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Introducing Natural TMJ Relief(R)

Santa Fe, NM - March, 2008 - Statistics indicate, as a conservative estimate, that there are at least 15 to 20 million people in the United States currently suffering from the symptoms of TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ).

Fortunately for them all, the efforts of one compassionate, experienced Santa Fe-based Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Jeffery B. Wheaton, have resulted in a new, all natural solution: Natural TMJ Relief®. This is the first supplement ever formulated to contain natural ingredients that have proven track records showing how they each specifically address aspects of TMJ including joint discomfort, muscle spasm, cartilage support and the triple-threat combination of anxiety, tension and stress.

Dr. Wheaton, DDS, MD, Founder/President of Natural TMJ Relief, LLC, spent years researching and developing this gentle, effective alternative treatment, in direct response to the numerous TMJ patients he has treated in his practice.

85% of TMJ is due to clenching or grinding of the teeth (bruxism), which is usually due to stress, and can occur both during the day and at night. The perfect blend of vitamins and herbs in Natural TMJ Relief’s formula works synergistically to help create a healthy temporomandibular joint system and are also safe and easy to take. In addition to developing this efficacious product, Dr. Wheaton has created an educational website to help people understand this condition:

What Is TMJ … and TMD?
When most people think of TMJ, they think of the common, bothersome, and sometimes painful disorder found in the joint that connects your jaws. However, TMJ is actually not a condition at all, but actually refers to the joint itself, the TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ). This joint is a complex slide and rotation hinge that allows the lower jaw to open and close, move forward and backward, and move side to side in relationship to the upper jaw. There are also various muscles, ligaments, cartilage, fibrous connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves, and a disk that are involved in the process. All of this is critical to being able to speak, and to eat. When these components are not working well together, it creates a collection of problems, the most well known of which is commonly referred to as TMD, which actually stands for TemporoMandibular Disorder, but is often commonly called TMJ.

Many TMJ-related symptoms are caused by the effects of physical and emotional stress on the structures around the joint. These structures include the muscles of the jaw, face, and neck; the teeth; the cartilage disk at the joint; and nearby ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves.

Unique ASU plus an All-Star Herbal Line-up!
In this unique, safe, proprietary formula, created by a physician and surgeon with a great deal of experience in treating this disorder, each ingredient was carefully chosen for its specific properties that target the four main aspects of TMJ.
Its key ingredient is the unique ASU, along with a proprietary blend of herbs …

• Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables,
ASU is the active ingredient in the Natural TMJ Relief formula. This is one of the very first uses of ASU in a dental health formula in the US.

In order for ASUs to be effective, they must be in a dosage of 300 mg. According to a comprehensive article, published in the American Family Physician: “Avocado/Soybean Unsponifiables, in a 300 mg daily dosage, did reduce NSAID use, and it provided long term symptomatic relief in two well done clinical trials of three to six months.”

The addition of Boswellia and Skullcap in this formula also help address joint discomfort:

• Muscle spasm: Calcium and magnesium: These are critical to the proper function of muscles; muscle spasms are responsible for the muscle tension headaches that often accompany TMJ

• Cartilage support: Sea cucumber (which is a natural source of chondroitin), along with the anti-oxidant benefits of Vitamins A and E, along with Zinc and Selenium, and Vitamin C, which also aids in collagen formation.

• Anxiety, tension and stress: The proprietary blend of passionflower, hops, wild lettuce leaf, skullcap, and Boswellia Serrata combine to have a calming effect.

These herbs act gently without the addiction and excessive drowsiness seen with drugs commonly used in treating TMJ. The Sea Cucumber, which has been used by the Chinese for more than 2000 years, is a natural source of chondroitin sulfate, an important building block in cartilage.

For further information and to order TMJ, visit

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