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Introducing ON’s New Platinum Hydrowhey®

AURORA, ILLINOIS – SEPTEMBER 29TH 2009. Attendees of Olympia Weekend at the Las Vegas Convention Center got their first taste of Optimum Nutrition’s (ON) revolutionary new Platinum Hydrowhey® when this unprecedented powdered whey protein was introduced at noon on Friday, September 25th.

Consisting entirely of hydrolyzed whey protein isolates and enhanced with micronized branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) as well as patented digestive enzymes, no product compares in terms of protein purity, rapid absorption rate and clean nutrient profile.

“The fact that each one-scoop serving of Platinum Hydrowhey® provides 30 grams of hydrolyzed whey isolates and nearly 9 grams of muscle-building branched chain amino acids is very impressive,” said Jay Jacobsen, Marketing Manager with ON in Aurora. Considering that sophisticated isolation and hydrolyzation processes reduced the levels of lactose, sugar and cholesterol to zero – and left just a gram of fat – Platinum Hydrowhey® represents ON’s most valuable muscle-building protein yet.”

Optimum Nutrition has always been known as a leading sports nutrition industry innovator. Quality is another obvious hallmark. ON’s protein powders are produced at a company owned and operated facility that is NSF GMP Registered and AIB GMP Certified. This level of hands-on involvement assures ON customers of unsurpassed consistency in terms of taste, mixability, potency and overall quality.

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For more information on
Platinum Hydrowhey® or ON
Or contact Tim Weigard at
700 N. Commerce St., Aurora, IL 60504
[email protected]
Phone: 630-236-6707

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