Introducing the SlimStyles Program

VANCOUVER, BC –While most popular diets promote short term weight loss, they are often so regimented or involve such deprivation of health-promoting foods that very few people have the motivation to stay with these programs over the long term.

Dr. Michael Murray, the Director of Education at Natural Factors, says the SlimStyles program offers a more rationale approach to achieving weight loss. He says this program is based upon breakthroughs in the understanding of human appetite regulation and methods to improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin.
Dr. Murray says that SlimStyles works because it is based upon achieving four key goals:
• Decreasing appetite leading to a reduction of calories consumed
• Improving the sensitivity of body cells to insulin
• Increasing metabolism and the burning of fat without the use of harsh stimulants
• Re-setting the mechanisms that control fat cell size and body weight

“The real secret to the success of the SlimStyles program is a revolutionary dietary fibre supplement known as PGX® (PolyGlycopleX®) -- a unique blend of selected, highly viscous soluble fibers that act synergistically to develop a higher level of viscosity and expansion with water than with the same quantity of any other fibre alone,” says Dr. Murray.

“Dieters who take PGX with, or before, each meal every day, in conjunction with healthy eating habits and moderate exercise are rewarded with effective and permanent weight loss.”

Dr. Murray says that the development of PGX began as the result of scientific research at the University of Toronto led by Dr. Vladimir Vuksan Ph.D., one of the most respected and recognized experts on the role of diet in the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. He says that hundreds of different fibre combinations were tested in laboratory, animal and human studies before the formulation was initially established.
PGX produces the following benefits:
• Reduces postprandial (after-meal) blood glucose levels
• Reduces appetite and promotes effective weight loss
• Increases insulin sensitivity
• Improves diabetes control
• Lowers blood cholesterol

PGX is available in capsules, as well as a zero-calorie drink mix and in meal replacement formulas. A major anchor of the SlimStyles program is the SlimStyles Meal Replacement Drink Mix with PGX -- a sophisticated, low carbohydrate, very low glycemic index meal replacement drink that also contains un-denatured whey protein, natural flavors and sweeteners along with vitamins and minerals. It is available in eight delicious flavours.

Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd. is a North American leader in the health products industry. The 50-year old, Company offers a full range of vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements and functional foods to consumers around the world. Natural Factors is dedicated to researching and manufacturing evidence-based nutraceuticals and in ensuring the highest product quality. With almost 45,000 square metres of production, research and laboratory facilities, the Company’s national head office in Coquitlam includes state of the art manufacturing facilities. It also has offices in Burnaby, Kelowna, Toronto and Everett, Washington. Visit us at

For further information, please contact:
Kate Jobling
Director of Public Relations
Natural Factors Nutritional Products
Direct: 604-415-4181
Email: [email protected]

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