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Introducing TEAOLOGY® Tea - Instant Pocket Designed Green Tea Beverage

August, 2005 (Aliso Viejo, CA) – Today’s health conscious consumers have discovered what has been known for centuries – there are few beverages that can deliver the health benefits of green tea. What they have not been able to find, however, is a way to tap into the benefits of green tea on the go and adapt it into their contemporary lifestyles. That is, until now.

TEAOLOGY® a modern methodology in tea™ is the first instant pocket sized green tea beverage, used for making iced tea. It is made from Chinese standardized green tea extracts, a highly concentrated form of green tea. Now available in travel friendly wallets for convenience, each serving is individually sealed in a foil sachet—6 per wallet. TEAOLOGY® teas can be enjoyed instantly, without steeping or brewing, simply by pouring into cold water. Not only can TEAOLOGY® tea be prepared anytime, anywhere, it delivers up to 15 times the antioxidants found in a regular cup of tea!

Available in four delicious flavors, TEAOLOGY® tea is naturally decaffeinated, low in calories and rich in antioxidants:

  • Hawthorne Berry Sage Green Tea (649 mg of antioxidants)
  • Lavender Mint Green Tea (437 mg of antioxidants)
  • Osmanthus Flower Green Tea (346 mg of antioxidants)
  • Rosemary Citron Green Tea (512 mg of antioxidants)

According to a study conducted at the University of Kansas, green tea contains the strongest known form of antioxidants – EGCG, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol, initiate thermogenesis (the burning of calories), reduce the risk of heart attack and help prevent various forms of cancer, as well as arthritis.

TEAOLOGY® tea sachets can be easily carried in a briefcase, hand bag, gym bag or pocket and dissolved instantly with bottled water or any cold water, providing a healthy, refreshing beverage that is easily made and enjoyed on the go.

TEAOLOGY® tea is available in packs of three (each pack contains 6 sachets) for $21. TEAOLOGY® tea can be purchased online at and is available this spring in the Merz Apothecary in Marshall Fields’ State Street store in Chicago. In addition, the product is soon to be available at leading food outlets and health and wellness establishments nationwide. TEAOLOGY® is a registered trademark of Innovative Beverage Concepts, Inc of Aliso Viejo, California.

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Richard Principale
Innovative Beverage Concepts
888-662-2334 ext. 12

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