InVite Health introduces Green Tea Fat Burner

InVite Health introduces Green Tea Fat Burner

New green tea product is formulated to assist anyone interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. ..

InVite Health, a leading nutraceutical firm headquartered in New York City, announced the introduction of a beneficial green tea product. It is formulated to assist anyone interested in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight without the negative aspects of many of the weight loss products found on the market today. Green Tea Fat Burner by Power Plant is being introduced into the product line in response to customer requests for a safe dietary product without harmful side effects.

“Age 70 is the new 50 and age 50 is the new 30,” comments Steve Kornblatt, President, InVite Health, Inc. “The post war ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is far more active and health conscious than their parents had been,” Korblatt notes. “Living a quality, natural, longer life is important; however aging well is of paramount importance,” he adds. “We listened to our customers’ requests and are now offering Power Plant’s Green Tea Fat Burner to assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” Kornblatt concludes. Green Tea Fat Burner is a unique formulation shown to help increase the body’s metabolic rate. Green tea naturally boosts energy while increasing the burning of calories. An additional element, Slendesta, a proteinase inhibitor, serves as an effective appetite suppressant. Simply put, it helps decrease appetite while increasing the burning of unhealthy fat.

For more than a decade, InVite Health has been recognized as an innovator and leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Offering a comprehensive line of the finest quality vitamins, herbs, minerals, specialized formulas and personal care products, the Company has built a loyal and growing consumer base. Their solid reputation rests on ensuring the highest standards in nutraceutical research and product development. The firm is also committed to providing their customers with service excellence and assistance with charting and maintaining their path to well-being.


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