InVitria Sponsors the 2010 Cell Culture Engineering Conference

The Cell Culture Engineering (CCE) conference brings together all aspects of cell culture technology for human and veterinary biopharmaceuticals to inspire growth and innovation in the industry. CCE provides the opportunity for the academic, industrial and regulatory communities to study and discuss new concepts and issues related to animal cell culture research and development. InVitria announced that they will be sponsoring and presenting at the 12th CCE conference in Banff, Canada.

InVitria will be presenting results from their newest CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cell culture media supplement ‘Zap-CHO’ ( during the poster session at the 2010 CCE conference. Zap-CHO is a robust cell culture supplement for CHO cells that speeds cell line development, improves cell growth and antibody productivity.

InVitria designed Zap-CHO to accelerate cell line development processes and to maximize CHO cell culture performance in biomanufacturing by screening and selecting from several defined and animal-free components that optimize performance. Zap-CHO is a next generation media supplement that delivers consistent cell culture performance, replacing FBS and hydrolysates. Zap-CHO provides significant benefits in CHO cell culture, including:
• Consistency of a defined media component
• Animal component-free
• Faster cell line development and seed train expansion
• Biomanufacturing optimization and improved product yield
• Better and more predictable performance in cell culture research and development

InVitria will be presenting alongside leading industrial and academic organizations in the industry.

About InVitria –
InVitria specializes in cell culture media optimization for the biotechnology industry. InVitria develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of high performance and well defined cell culture media components and reagents used in bioprocessing, biopharmaceutical formulation, stem cell & regenerative medicine, life science research, medical devices and diagnostics.
To obtain a copy of the Zap-CHO poster presented at the 2010 CCE conference or for more information about InVitria’s product solutions, e-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-916-8311.

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