Ireland bans DMAA

Ireland bans DMAA

Ireland joins a growing list of nations to ban products containing the controversial ingredient.

The Food Safety Authority Ireland (FSAI) and the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today issued a strong precautionary message for consumers on the health dangers of taking food supplements or products containing the substance DMAA (1,3 -dimethylamylamine). The warning comes after a number of adverse reactions internationally related to products containing DMAA.

DMAA is an illegal central nervous system stimulant related to amphetamine and has been found in food and sports supplements. It can cause high blood pressure, nausea, cerebral haemorrhage, stroke and in serious cases can be fatal. Consumers are advised not to purchase food supplements or products containing DMAA which may be available in retail outlets or online. People are advised that if they are feeling any ill effects after taking any of these food supplements/products that they should contact their doctor and retain/present the product in question. They are also advised to dispose of any additional food supplements/products listed below that they may have purchased.

List of known products containing DMAA:
1. Hemodrene
2. Hemorush
3. Crack
4. Marrow Matters
5. Jack3d
6. Spriodex
7. Napalm
8. Lipo-6 Black

NOTE: This list should not be viewed as including every potential product containing DMAA.

The FSAI is aware that food supplements containing DMAA have been imported into Ireland and are available online. The FSAI has requested environmental health officers to check retail outlets to determine if food supplements or products containing DMAA are on sale. Sport, health stores and Irish-based companies selling these products online are advised to remove any food supplements or products containing DMAA from sale.

According to Prof. Alan Reilly, Chief Executive, FSAI, the substance is a stimulant, for which a safe level for human consumption has not been established. There are several documented cases of severe negative effects on the heart and brain that show that the consumption of DMAA, especially in combination with caffeine, poses a significant risk to consumer health.

“Food supplements or products containing DMAA are deemed to be unauthorised medicines and therefore their supply is prohibited into and within Ireland. The manufacturers and suppliers involved operate outside the approved system for manufacture and supply of food supplements/products and medicines. Seeking to purchase these types of products supplied as food supplements on the internet is a risk to health.”


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