Iron-Tek® Introduces 2 Unique New High Performance Products

(Hauppauge, NY – April 2005) Addressing consumers ever increasing desire for the latest technology in body building supplements, Iron-Tek® is introducing 2 unique high performance products:

2 Methyl 13-C – Contains a proprietary creatine compound that provides several major benefits:

o Feeds your muscles faster. Unlike old NO2 boosters like AKG that have to go through 6 cycles of enzymatic processes before the results are felt, 2 Methyl 13-C goes through just 1.
o Creates a longer lasting pump. The proprietary nitric oxide metabolites speed a pump to your muscles that can last 4 times longer than other NO2 boosters.
o Increases muscle hardness
o Speeds up muscle recovery
o Eliminates bloating, cramping or fat gain

17 Alpha Oxo Nolone – Specially formulated with a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients. Key benefits are:

o Enhances anabolic activity
o Suppresses estrogen
o Accelerates protein synthesis
o Boosts energy, strength and recovery
o No harmful side effects

Iron-Tek® guarantees results for these two revolutionary products by providing a money back guarantee.

Contact: Jodi Billet at (631)232-5400

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