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iSatori Technologies Introduces H+Blocker(TM)

iSatori Technologies, Golden, CO —If you're an athlete or weight trainer, you know that if you want to improve your performance, you simply have to increase intensity.

Unfortunately, the very goal you're trying to accomplish—increased intensity—can actually have a reverse effect, since intense exercise accelerates the release of hydrogen (H+) ions and decreases pH (increasing acidity), which is directly related to muscle fatigue, weakness, and failure.

H+Blocker, a carnosine synthesizer, pre-workout muscle intensifier, co-created by nutritional biochemist Dr. Mark J. Tallon, Ph.D., in conjunction with the scientists at iSatori Technologies is intended to block the release of H+ ions and prevent the decrease in pH, and to delay the onset of muscular fatigue, to allow increased intensity and muscular contractions.

"New research on beta-alanine/l-histidine and its ability to synthesize carnosine in skeletal muscle has indicated blocking H+ ions and stabilizing the inevitable decline in pH levels can have a positive, marked effect on muscular contraction, power, and output," explains Dr. Tallon.

Carnosine is a chemical structure composed of a combination of two amino acids—histidine and beta-alanine. It was discovered in 1900, but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the first of two human papers was released on the role of carnosine in muscle metabolism, indicating its true nature with respect to exercise performance.

In a recent scientific study, well-trained individuals experienced over 50% greater carnosine stores in muscle fibers than untrained individuals. In addition, they were shown to be much higher in Type IIx fibers, due to the preferential distribution. This has a huge impact on muscular performance and resistance to high-intensity fatigue as a result.

H+Blocker will soon be found in fine supplement retail stores nationwide. For more information on H+Blocker, visit Retailers interested in stocking H+Blocker may contact Europa Sports, America’s largest supplement distributor, at 1-800-447-4795 or visit

To learn more about iSatori Technologies, visit

Mark J. Tallon (B.Sc., M.Sc., CBiol., MIBiol., CES) is an applied nutritional biochemist and a specialist on the application of dietary supplementation for performance and physique enhancement. Mark is also CEO and creator of Oxygenics, Ltd. OxygeniX provides scientific and technical intelligence services to the dietary food and supplement industry regarding product development and food law as well as providing one of the most comprehensive free dietary supplement newsletters.

iSatori Technologies, LLC ( is an American company, based in Golden, Colorado, engaged in the development and marketing of dietary supplements for improved performance, enhanced physique development, and superior health. iSatori is committed to ongoing clinical support and research to provide fitness-minded consumers Total Solutions™, which includes scientifically designed supplements, intelligent training programs, and smarter eating plans. The company was founded in 2001 by Stephen Adelé and has achieved global distribution.

For further information, contact:

Kay Evans
iSatori Technologies
Tel: 303-215-9174 x 100
email: [email protected]

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