ITI Revamps and Renews Brand, Products and Services

WILSONVILLE, Ore., Aug 2, 2004 -- Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI), a leading manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements is announcing major changes across several sales, marketing and innovation fronts.

It has been nearly four years since Tyler, NF Formulas, Vitaline and PhytoPharmica merged to form ITI. Until now, the company has largely banked on the existing brand equities and historic customer base associated with each unique product line. All of that is about to change.

After nearly one year of planning, the company is launching an all-new ITI brand of products, specifically designed by and for health care practitioners. Unlike other brands in the medical professional channel, ITI is fully exclusive to health care practitioners and their patients.

The first ITI-branded product is the ITI Mega MultiVitamin Drink Mix which is a berry-flavored, powdered dietary supplement designed to conveniently supply 100% of the recommended daily allowances of most vitamins and minerals. ITI Mega MultiVitamin Drink Mix also contains amino acids, fiber and antioxidant supplements to support optimal health and energy levels.(a) Because the ITI Mega MultiVitamin Drink Mix tastes great and can be easily mixed with beverages or yogurt, health care practitioners can expect increased compliance from most patients.

In addition to innovative new products like the ITI Mega MultiVitamin, the company is transitioning approximately 100 products from across the existing product lines into the ITI brand to create a literal "best of the best" line-up. These products are among the most clinically studied and innovative nutritional supplements available anywhere.

Probiotic Pearls (PhytoPharmica) will be the first product to transition into ITI brand. New Probiotic Pearls packaging is expected to mail in August 2004. Additional products will migrate into the new ITI packaging over the next year with completion expected in summer 2005.

"Our customers are seeking easy, effective ways to manage patient health," said Richard Johnson, ITI general manager. "Our best products have more than 1000 clinical trials backing up efficacy, safety and purity. By concentrating these best, most proven and most prescribed products into a singular ITI brand, we are effectively creating a quintessential brand that creates a whole new standard for results."

In addition to superior products, the new ITI brand will also feature a more clean, clinical look that incorporates the traditional ITI blue with an all-new grid pattern. The grid pattern represents the building blocks of health with primary focus on precision, simplicity, symmetry and accuracy, components that tie directly into the products contained inside the packaging.

In addition to new packaging, the new look will also incorporate into the new ITI catalog and Web site, both scheduled for launch this summer. The catalog will be mailed in late July 2004 and the Web site will be complete by September 2004.

Not only will the catalog and Web site integrate the new ITI look, they will also offer additional information and services. The catalog will include a complete line-up of protocols developed by leading nutritional and medical experts in condition-specific care. Dosage recommendations, clinical references and detailed product benefits provide a touchstone solution for the health care practitioner in establishing a foundation of care for the patient.

"The ITI protocols are an enormous value to every health care practitioner," said Johnson. "Our in-house product development experts worked with leading thinkers on more than 20 common conditions to develop comprehensive protocols unlike anything else on the market. And because they are based on the clinical research behind our best products, the practitioner and patient are able to trust results."

Further, ITI's protocols are based on independent, peer-review-published clinical research using the company's best products. Rather than relying on research conducted on another company's products to demonstrate efficacy, safety and purity, ITI supports research on its own, very specific products. This is not the industry norm.

The catalog will also feature product descriptions and vital dosage data on nearly 100 products. Additionally, it will include in-depth information on key products. The more comprehensive information is focused on the unique characteristics that separate these special products from anything else available.

"The products highlighted in the ITI catalog are unique, clinically-validated and popular," said Johnson. "Popularity is an important characteristic to consider because it means not only are practitioners recommending these products once, but that their patients are asking for more."

"We realize patient compliance is a huge issue for practitioners. As such, we are focusing on those products that have immediate and lasting results. The more patients can feel a difference, the more likely they will be to continue on a broad-scale healthcare regimen," Johnson concluded.

With this attitude, the company has selected "When Results Matter" as the new ITI tagline. It is also stepping up the innovation pipeline resulting in an innovative new product and protocol launch nearly every month.

As for the new ITI Web site, the new look, tagline and positioning will be up in August. Exciting new components like e-commerce product ordering and practitioner look-up will be available in September. The practitioner look-up is designed to be a resource by which consumers can locate nutrition-minded health care practitioners in their area. ITI will be contacting select practitioners in the next few weeks to test-drive this new service.

"More and more, we view ourselves as partners to our customers. The more successful our customer is in their healthcare practice, the more successful we will be in return. We are confident our products make us the only choice for nutritional supplements. Now we aim to make our people and service equally impressive. The practitioner look-up is just one way we are making this happen," continued Johnson.

"We are in the process of forming unique win-win partnerships with health care practitioners across multiple disciplines and specialties to improve product development, education and service, while also providing them with new opportunities to expand patient base and grow revenue," continued Johnson.

The popular Working Doctor Seminar Series is just one component of this partnership approach. Entering its sixth month, the practitioner education program is expanding to include more topics than ever before including a practice management series hosted by Colorado-based naturopath Carrie Louise Daenell.

Condition-specific experts have also hosted seminars, including Dr. Richard Delany, MD (cardiology and genomics), Dr. Holly Lucille, N.D. (women's health) and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. (energy).

Thousands of practitioners from around the country have called into this one-hour seminar program from the comfort of their own home or office. Designed for busy doctors, the program is concise and most programs are entirely non-commercial (third party).

Headquartered in Wilsonville, Ore., ITI comprises Tyler, NF Formulas, Vitaline and PhytoPharmica. ITI is the leading manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements through health care practitioners. ITI is a division of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc., of Green Bay, Wisc. Enzymatic Therapy is among the largest and most-trusted companies in the nutritional supplement industry.

(a) This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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