It's Time to Vote for Innovation in the Health and Nutrition Industry—2009 NutrAward

The 2009 NutrAward presented for best new functional ingredient will be awarded by the industry to the industry, March 7, 2009 at SupplyExpo. The award presentation also provides great opportunity to network with industry colleagues, and is open to all SupplyExpo and Nutracon attendees, plus cocktails are complimentary.

The NutrAward winner is selected based on a weighted vote by the selection committee, as well as by a vote of Nutracon and SupplyExpo attendees. Voting is based on how well the ingredient or product meets the defined criteria, which includes: Scientific Merit, Efficacy, Market Potential, Safety, Innovation and Ability to Increase Market Credibility. Votes for the NutrAward can be submitted by clicking here.

This year’s finalists include:

AHD International LuraLean
AHD International’s LuraLean is a water-soluble, dietary fiber formula to support weight loss. The ingredient is derived from the Amorphophallus Propol konjac root, and has more than 14 safety studies and 60 clinical trials behind the product. LuraLean is available in several grades and has GRAS status.

DSM’s TensGuard™
DSM’s TensGuard contains lactotripeptide’ Isoleucine-Proline-Proline (IPP), which is proven to help control blood pressure. Lactotripeptides are present, but inactive, in normal dairy products, TensGuard contains enzymes that release these peptides.

Gourmetceuticals, PPL-240™
Gourmetceuticals, PPL-240 is an antioxidant derived from a South American fern, Polypodium leucotomos. Clinical oral and topical research demonstrated its photoprotective ability to protect cell damage caused by the sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays. PPL-240 is organic, kosher and is FDA approved for both human and animal consumption.

You must be a registered Nutracon or SupplyExpo attendee to vote for the NutrAward winner, but event registration is still open so you can still register to attend and vote. More information on each finalist can be downloaded at

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