James Gormley Is Elected to the Citizens for Health Board of Directors

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 17, 2006 – Citizens for Health (www.citizens.org), a national nonprofit consumer advocacy group is pleased to announce that James J. Gormley has been unanimously elected to the Board of Directors.

“James has an 11-year history of intelligent and passionate support of American consumers’ access to high-quality dietary supplements and credible health information,” said James S. Turner, Esq., chairman of the Board of Directors who is a partner in the Washington, D.D.-based law firm, Swankin & Turner.

“We are proud to acknowledge James’ contributions to Citizens’ over the last two years and look forward to his continued enthusiasm and dedication as the organization moves forward to a new and exciting period of growth, including both natural food industry and consumer support.”

Others who have been elected to the Citizens for Health Board of Director in the past two years include: Elwood Richard, founder of NOW Foods and recipient of the NNFA’s prestigious Crusader Award in 2004; Jan C. Lipsen, president of Counselors for Management, a privately held government relations firm; and Elissa Parker, vice-president for research and policy at the Environmental Law Institute.

Ana Micka, president and CEO of Citizens for Health, said, “James has fought for consumers and the health-food industry on a wide range of issues, including: dietary supplements and DSHEA, folic acid fortification, DHA for infant formula, organics, access to healthy foods for kids, food irradiation, right-to-know GMO labeling, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and many other issues.”

From 1995 to 2002, Gormley helped change the editorial landscape of health magazine coverage in the U.S. by pioneering truly hard-hitting and science-centric coverage, a focus later emulated by many industry consumer health magazines. Today, in 2006, he serves as editor-in-chief of a new consumer health magazine, remedies (published by CCI, a division of IDG and a sister publication of Taste for Life magazine), which is distributed through health foods stores across the U.S.

An award-winning journalist, consumer health advocate and commentator, he has been a frequent guest on television (“Good Day New York” and “Bronx Talk”) and national radio (“The Deborah Ray Show”). He is a sought-after speaker on health, health-freedom and regulatory issues, and has most recently lectured at the ALIVE! Expo show in Atlanta, Ga., and Diane Miller’s National Conference for Health Freedom Advocates in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Mr. Gormley has successfully taken on self-proclaimed ‘quackbusters’ on FOX-TV and also anti-health-food-industry critics in testimony before the New York City Council,” added Michael D. Ostrolenk, who is a consultant to Citizens for Health and a policy fellow at the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy.

A U.S. delegate to a major health conference in China in 2001, Gormley is the co-author of the User's Guide to Detoxification (Basic Health, 2005), Health Benefits of Phosphatidylserine (Basic Health, 2005) User’s Guide to Brain-Boosting Supplements (Basic Health, 2004) and author of DHA, A Good Fat (Kensington/Zebra, 1999).

He previously served as senior policy advisor to Citizens for Health (www.citizens.org) and is an advisory board member of the Natural Health Research Institute. He has actively represented Citizens for Health in lectures (CUNY Graduate Center, June 2004), presentations before the FDA (September 2004), radio programs (Gary Null, Deborah Ray) and in industry discussions.

He has also served on the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) delegation to Codex Alimentarius in Paris (April 2005) and Rome (July 2005), on the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Communications Committee since 1996 and on the CRN Government Oversight Committee since 2003. Gormley is also a member of Jonathan Emord's Coalition to End FDA and FTC Censorship.

He has written for numerous health-food industry trade magazines and has a regular column on NPI Center (http://www.npicenter.com/news/James_articles.aspx).

Gormley is the Scientific & Regulatory Liaison for Purchase, NY-based Nutrition 21, Inc., a leading nutritional bioscience company.

About Citizens for Health

Citizens for Health (www.citizens.org) is a national non-profit consumer advocacy group working to broaden healthcare options, create an integrative health system based on wellness, and advance the freedom to make health choices. The group promotes the fundamental policies needed to improve health choices and information in the U.S. and internationally. The group works with grassroots and education organizations and partners in the not-for-profit sector to ensure consumer access to dietary supplements, safe foods, a healthy environment and a wide range of healing therapies. Citizens for Health fosters active citizen leadership and organizes natural health consumers to create political and legislative solutions that support those rights.


Ana Micka 612-879-7585

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