Jamieson Laboratories to Expand Quest's Footprint in the West

TORONTO, April 22 /CNW/ - Jamieson Laboratories, Canada's largest natural health products company and fourth largest OTC company, is pleased to announce a $1.5 million expansion plan for its Vancouver-based Quest Vitamins facility. Jamieson Laboratories acquired Quest Vitamins in August 2003.

Expanding the manufacturing capabilities of Quest's 65,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility confirms Jamieson's commitment to the brand and its growth. Implementation of the plan will begin immediately and is to be completed by year-end. The expansion will mean greater job security for employees of the Quest facility and will encourage future job growth.

"Our goal is to remain on the leading edge of health care by bringing Canadian and international consumers the most pharmaceutically pure, advanced natural products available," says Vic Neufeld, President and CEO, Jamieson Laboratories. "The expansion of the West Coast facility demonstrates both Jamieson's loyalty to Quest Vitamins and our commitment to ensuring customers and retailers have ample and continued access to innovative and high quality natural products."

The Quest expansion involves significant upgrades to its air handling systems and state-of-the-art presses, enhancement to the capsulation capacity, and an increase in capacity and blending capabilities.

Quest Vitamins, a brand that has maintained a fine tradition for its premium, high quality products, was added to the Jamieson family along with Wampole when Jamieson acquired the assets from Pangeo Pharma in 2003. The addition of the brands increased Jamieson's Canadian market share to 31 per cent and also strengthened the company's position in international markets, including the United States and Asia.

Voted the Most Trusted Brand of Vitamins in the 2003 Reader's Digest Poll, and consistently ranked by pharmacists and doctors as their most recommended choice, Jamieson has the highest quality standards for manufacturing and state-of-the-art GMP compliant facilities.

About Jamieson Laboratories
Established in 1922, Jamieson Laboratories is Canada's largest manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural health-care products. With over 350 employees, Jamieson's state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories are located in Windsor, Ontario and Quest's manufacturingfacilities in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is a world leader in the vitamin and nutrition industry, exporting to over 30 countries including the USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. For more information, please visit the Jamieson Laboratories Web site at www.jamiesonvitamins.com.

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