Jarrow Formulas Wins Nutrition Business Journal Business Achievement Award

Los Angeles, CA, March 1, 2006 – Los Angeles-based Jarrow Formulas® today announced it is a recipient of one of Nutrition Business Journal’s prestigious 2005 Business Achievement Awards. Jarrow Formulas’ was a recipient of an award in the “Investment in Science and Research” category for its ongoing Co-Q10 clinical work being conducted in Italy. This study was a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical investigation of a highly bioavailable Co-Ql0 supplement (Q-absorb). The Q-absorb trial further proved Jarrow Formulas’ method for increasing bioavailability of CoQl0 (300% increase in plasma CoQl0 over baseline) and produced some interesting results regarding combined exercise/supplementation on cardiovascular health in patients suffering from chronic heart failure.

Additionally, Jarrow Formulas’ was given two “Product Merit Awards” for products being recognized as outstanding new products in 2005. The following Jarrow Formulas’ products were named Product Merit Award winners by Nutrition Business Journal:

  • MK-7 (Menaquinone-7 of the menaquinone family): an enhanced bioactive form of vitamin K extracted from genetically unmodified (non-GMO) soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilus natto and concentrated without solvents. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin found naturally in two primary forms and is best known for its role in blood clotting because it is essential for the formation of prothrombin and at least five other proteins that regulate clotting. In plants, the vitamin appears as vitamin K1, also called phylloquinone. The other form, K2, is created by bacteria, such as Bacillus subtilis. MK-7 (K2) is ten times better absorbed than is K1. Whereas vitamin K1 is absorbed primarily by the liver, MK-7 is absorbed by extrahepatic tissues, such as the arterial wall, pancreas, and testes.
  • Pressure Optimizer™: supports proper blood pressure regulation. Its primary consituent is AmealPeptide™, a patented extract of hydrolyzed casein that contains two tripeptides (Valyl-Prolyl-Proline, Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline) extensively clinically studied for their effect on blood pressure. AmealPeptide™ is a popular product in Japan. To this has been added coenzyme Q-10, which supports heart function as a component of the electron transport system.

“Nutrition Business Journal is one of the most comprehensive sources for market data and strategic analysis in the nutrition industry,” says Mark Becker, Director, Advertising/Communications for Jarrow Formulas. “To be given an award by such a prestigious journal in a science and research category means everything to a science-based company that works so hard to be an innovator. It means a lot.”

Nutrition Business Journal’s Executive Review issue annually publishes Q & A’s with the industry’s top executives and recognizes business achievement in the natural products industry.

Jarrow Formulas, Inc. is a nutritional supplement formulator and marketer founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1988. The company markets its products throughout the United States and internationally in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Israel and Latin America. The company offers a complete line of nutritional products that includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates, amino acids, enzymes and enteral nutrition formulations. Jarrow Formulas, Inc. is active in regulatory affairs, helping to maintain American’s rights to free access to dietary supplements. Its products are manufactured by Jarrow Industries Incorporated, a pharmaceutical quality facility located in Santa Fe Springs, CA. For more information, contact Mark Becker, Director, Advertising/Communications toll free at (800) 726-0886 or access the Jarrow Formulas Web site at www.Jarrow.com.


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