JLM Marketing, Inc. Receives Nutrition Business Journal Merit Award

JLM Marketing, Inc. recently received a “Merit Award” from NBJ for its body of work in developing and introducing two new dietary supplements/ ingredients to the USA market. The two new ingredients are Decursinol-50™, a new herbal component for joint support, along with EstroG-100™, a new phytoestrogen replacing Black Cohosh in the feminine category.

Michael Jeffers, Vice President of JLM Marketing indicated that “the reception in the USA has been extraordinary considering we launched these two new ingredients less than 10 months ago. The science, along with human clinical studies, have been above and beyond the expectations of many USA end users and formulators”.

JLM Marketing maintains manufacturing protocols and research that provides new herbal technology previously not available to North American end users and formulators. JLM presents an extensive understanding of herbal science and history which translates to full human clinical studies conducted in a double blind format.

Mr. Jeffers indicated “the clinical results combined with extensive, finished form evaluations have turned these versions into the two top sellers in the Asian markets today for joint support and the feminine category. We are excited to extend our results and science to the US market and ultimately to consumers. The Industry needs something new and it needs these two ingredients.”

JLM Marketing, inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of JLM Industries located in Tampa, FL. You can contact JLM or learn about JLM Nutra science at www.JLMNutraIngredients.com

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