JLM Marketing's Decursinol-50(TM) Incorporated Into Doctor's Best Products

JLM Marketing, Inc. a distributor and marketer of Branded & Nutritional Ingredients located in Tampa, FL, is pleased to announce that Doctors Best of San Clemente, CA is utilizing Decursinol-50TM in their two finished products.

Michael Jeffers, Vice President of JLM Marketing shared that “ Doctors Best is the first manufacturer in the USA to bring Decursinol-50 to the consumer as a stand alone, finished product which they are calling Decursinol-PN. The second, new finished product by Doctors Best is called Decursinol-GS which will be a combination of Decursinol-50TM and Glucosamine Sulfate”.

JLM Marketing, Inc. launched the ingredient, Decursinol-50, to the USA market in March of 2006 along with EstroG-100 (phytoestrogen). Decursinol-50 was human clinically tested 3 years ago in a double blind format. The clinical results were extraordinary and showed applications to joint and pain relief. Data may be reviewed at www.JLMNutraIngredients.com.

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