Jury Rules PIVEG Lutein Products Do Not Infringe

Celaya, Mexico, October 7, 2004. A jury in the U.S. District Court of Central Iowa has unanimously ruled that lutein products manufactured by Pigmentos Vegetales del Centro (PIVEG) do not infringe, in a case involving two patents held by Iowa based Kemin Foods, L.C.

“We are pleased with the jury decision which clearly indicates that PIVEG products do not infringe. We will continue to provide the highest purity material available in the market and continue to be the best option for our customers” comments Roberto Espinoza, CEO of PIVEG.

Lutein has become a major ingredient for the health industry as the benefit to eye health has demonstrated.

PIVEG has been producing carotenoids for over 20 years and nutraceutical grade lutein during the past 5 years, controlling production in its own facilities - from seed to concentrate.

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