Kagome Launches “Shokubutsusei Supplement”, High in Phytochemicals

Kagome Co., Ltd. will launch a range of “Shokubutsusei (Plant-derived) Supplements” on 1 October 2008, only through Kagome mail order. The line-up will include five products: “Ryoku Oushoku Yasai no Sozairyoku (The Power of Green and Yellow Vegetables)”, “Hatsuga Broccoli no Sozairyoku (The Power of Sprouting Broccoli)”, “Ukon to Kurogoma no Sozairyoku (The Power of Turmeric and Black Sesame), “Kuro Ninniku to Kurozu no Sozairyoku (The Power of Black Garlic and Black Vinegar), and “Ume to Hihatsu no Sozairyoku (The Power of Japanese Apricot and Hihatsu [Piper Longum])”. The products use high-quality, carefully selected raw materials from plants and vegetables, which are then condensed to create small capsules. The products are rich in phytochemicals, which are nutrients from vegetables that have been gaining increased attention recently.

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