Kanda Clinic Begins Investigative Human Clinic Trials With Graminex G63™ Pollen Extracts

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. September 21, 2005 – Graminex L.L.C. is pleased to announce that Dr. Hiromi Yokoyama, principle of Kanda Ishin Clinic, Tokyo, Japan, founded in 1979, will begin investigative human clinical trials with Graminex G63™ Pollen Extracts for various health treatment applications.

Dr. Hiromi Yokoyama is Chairman of the Public Service Corporation Foundation and the Natural Product of Medicine Research Foundation. He is a Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, and the Director of the Association of Doctors.

Dr. Yokoyama is considered an authority in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and ED (erectile dysfunction). As the Chairman of the Natural Product Medicine Research Foundation, he is considered a leader in research dedicated to natural product applications for disease and health management.

Cynthia R. May, CEO of Graminex states, “Graminex is fortunate that its products are being considered by such an authority in the application of natural products as Dr. Yokoyama and the Kanda Ishin Clinic. Graminex looks forward to the initial investigative results in regards to the new clinical health applications undertaken by Dr. Yokoyama.”

Dr. Yokoyama is also the author of several publications and books which include:

1. Revised Edition: “The Book Men Shall Read When a Man Passes 50 Years Old: Prostatic Hyperplasia Syndrome Can Be Cured Without Surgery”,
Collaboration by Hiromi Yokoyama and Tatsuo Tahara
Sanshusha 1999.7.24
2. Volume 2: “The Book Men Shall Read When a Man Passes 50 Years Old: Method Without Surgery for Prostatic Hyperplasia Syndrome and Men’s Power up Method”, by Hiromi Yokoyama
Sanshusha 2002.11.10
3. “Let’s Start from the Climacterium both for Men and Women”
Hiromi Yokoyama and others;
Gakuyo Book 2001.10.10
4. “Businessman’s Risk Management on ‘Body and Mind’ Management”;
Hiromi Yokoyama and Naoko Miyanishi (collaboration):
Sanshusha 2004.6.1

For further information please contact Graminex L.L.C. CEO Cynthia R. May at (989) 797-5502 or by e-mail at [email protected]. You may also visit www.graminex.com.

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